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Hello KHCites, quite a long time I wrote here.  Thanks To Pastor Dunamis and His Team on the birthday message sent to me on the 19th of February. So grateful for your love.

Considering the current inflation our dear country is experiencing at the moment, I thought it good that I should share with you some tips to help you cut cost on medications.

Drugs are critical part of treating medical conditions be it common ones like cold, malaria, typhoid, or uncommon ones like cancer, leptospirosis, ETC. While some can use their faith to stay healthy, a lot still need to use drugs while standing by faith for healing. And for children, they definitely would need drugs to be healthy when sick.

So it is necessary to know how to reduce cost on medications since they are inevitable to living.

The first thing you need to know is that the costliest is not always the best.

When it comes to buying medications, knowledge of what you need to buy is essential and not the cost. For example, an imported paracetamol syrup which cost 2500 naira may just do well as a locally made M&B Paracetamol that is around 300 naira. As a parent, you can save so much on managing your child fever when you have the knowledge.

The Second thing you need to know is that preventive medications are cheaper than curative medications.  Most people who are prone to some medical conditions never  take preventive measures until they come down with the condition; the treament which is usually costlier than staying healthy. In order words staying healthy cost you less than treament.

Thanks for reading...watch out for continuation shortly.

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How To Spend Less on Medications and Treatment Pt. 1

  • Posted by Jide Alo
  • February 21, 2017 4:41 PM CET
You can spend less on drugs and treatment when you know how.