The night it all changed I was going out again, as usual, to a night party. Of course you don't think my parents are or were in support of that, but I always had a lie in store. Either I say I had a teens vigil or I say I had a drama rehearsal or a retreat and my parents always believed. I'll wear a big jacket with an ankled length skirt and a socks, give my parents an innocent and "holy" look as I tell them goodbye. My "boo" was always outside waiting at the end of the street and when I get into his car I'll remove the hypocritic clothes and will remain either in a spaghetti top and a bum shorts or a short armless gown, those were my favorite actually. But this night was different, I had told my mum earlier that I had a teens retreat and of course she gave her consent, but when I got to the door I heard her voice behind, "How long do you intend to keep deceiving me". I froze at the door. "Tell me this is not happening" I said to myself as I turned to my mum giving her a puzzled look. "You know, Ejiro, I have known u since like forever and I know when you are lying, I have been waiting and praying earnestly all these while for a time you will come to confide in me but it seems you are really enjoying this wretched life and you are not ready to come out" she said. Hmmmm, of course it's a wretched life, I felt and looked happy but I don't think I was really happy. Every Saturday I woke up feeling used and useless but I consoled myself with the fact that my friends are doing it and I don't want to be left out. Now my bubble is bursted I need to come out clean, perhaps my mum could help, and of course she did: Ejiro your body is priceless, keep it It is valuable, protect and cherish it. Stop making yourself worthless, your body is the temple of God keep it clean. This life you are living will end you in a disaster. I'm not stopping you from having fun, but you must not have fun outside Gods will, its risky. Ejiro, JESUS LOVES YOU". I broke down that night and determined to change. IT was not really easy but my mum was really there when it was hard and now I'm a changed person. #iamvaluablevirtuousandvictorious. #chayil (This is fictional but I know we have one or two things to learn from it. Jesus loves you just the way you are!) Josephine Olamide

The night it all changed