"I don't get, how else do you want me to prove my love for you, I call u, text, always available when u call, what else is needed to show I love u? I asked confused. This is not the Dara I know, he used to be this caring, ever attentive and understanding person. What has suddenly gone wrong?. "Darasimi, u are not answering". I said with tears this time. ****, loving the wrong person really hurts. "Debbie, I know u love me, but I want u to prove it, show me u love me" this time he said it calmly, melting into my soul. "Okay, what exactly do u want me..." "Sex" He said The bell that sounded in my ear is eight times louder than the bell of a celestial church, tears flowed from my eyes like they had been waiting for this moment to come, I suddenly became weak and could not feel my legs, the shock on my face cannot be explained and my heart beat began to sound like the ticking a of a clock. Finally I found my voice. "Dara, this is not what we discussed five years ago in tow hundred level at the beginning, we promised we would wait till our wedding night, what is suddenly wrong Dara? I can do anything to prove my love for u but definitely not this, Baby please let's wait, please". The words flowed from my mouth unevenly and tears from my eyes like a full tank, pain in my heart, I really didn't know what else to say. "Look if u r not ready to give me what I want just know we are done" he said walking away. " OK Dara, let's get married, I will continue my search for a job when we marry" I said thinking my Love's heart will soften, but it was like he was possessed by a demonic demon. "I'm not ready for that marriage thing" he spat out, getting me off balance and throwing me back to my senses unfortunately for him, also reminding me of who I am, the Queen I am, the virtuous woman I am, God's righteousness, reminding me that my body is the temple of the Lord, that fornication is a sin against my body... "You are not ready for marriage and you want to taste the fruits of marriage!" I shouted this time, "You are not ready and you want to have sex then when I get pregnant, out of ur unreadiness u will tell me to abort it right? Well I'm sorry to disappoint u, I will not let u have my body, it's true I love u but obviously u don't love God or me, so u can kindly leave my house and my life" I said with tears opening the door for him. "Fine" he said as he walked out. My heart was shattered and broken but i don't regret it. Now I'm in my kitchen in my husband's house, two months pregnant and remembering this, thanking God for his strength that fateful day, I still don't know how I didn't do it but I didn't. #yourbodyisGodstemple #sexissweeticanwait #iwillnotexchangemypositioninchristforsomeminutesofpleasure #virtuouswoman Josephine Olamide

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