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Hi, i am Nana. When I'm asked about myself, i like to say "I love Jesus, my family, my friends, and then food! LOL I grew up in a Christian home but i consciously gave my heart to Christ in September,2006, when i was 11 years old( you can guess my age). One thing i don't tell people about myself is that i love hot guys... like omG.

It waz one of the things i set aside for the glory that lay ahead...Hahaa! I'm not exactly the prettiest of girls, but who is? I know that i am beatiful and I'm comfortable in my own skin, i wouldn't change anything about myself even if i had the chance. I am in university(Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka) studying Pure and Industrial Chemistry, 200level. You know how it is here now, you've probably read books, seen movies or experienced it yourself.

My own experience is totally different, trust me! I'm bored! I find myself fantasizing about how things ought to be, how i meet guys, go on dates, ace through all my courses and blaa, blaa, blaa. For where!! Nothing like that. The only thing that is truly fun is church and that's approximately twice a week. I struggle a lot, not with my faith but with my flesh. What i mean is i haven't been in a relationship(romantic) all my days and it's because everyone that wants one with me wants to get in my pants.

Don't tell me it's a lie and please don't ask me "even the church brothers?". The one time i thought i was in love, i was in year1 , i met this guy as i stood waiting for a bus. I wasn't in the mood but i knew he wanted to talk to me because he kept hovering around me like a Mexican fly. In my mind I said, "this guy go hear am today". He finally said hello and with all my zeal not to seem interested, i couldn't help but admire him(note the word admire).... he even made me laugh. His name was Tochukwu.

I gave him my phone number and we started talking. He was very nice oo. He asked me to come see him and i said no because the venue was in his room. He said he understood and so we could meet in an eatery. How understanding, hmmm, love nwantinti hit me without a warning and i agreed to meet with him. On the said day, the place we agreed to meet in wasn't open and the other eateries in the area were too crowded.

He suggested his friends house and i agreed(for my mind he doesn't live in this area, it's his friend's house, nothing can happen). I met his friend, Dennis and he was cool. They asked if i wanted to eat something but i refused. About twenty minutes later, Dennis asked to be excused. Oh my Lord, why didn't i think about this before......

Tales of Triumph

  • Posted by Sylvania Egbuonu
  • November 27, 2015 5:33 AM CET