SCRIPTURAL PERSPECTIVE ABOUT CHOICE! From the inception and creation of the world, God has always given man freedom to choose! His creation of man is not robotic, I.e. To remote-control man. His intention is creating a man that has will of himself. ------------ No wonder, he created a garden and placed man there with instructions. But, man chose to deviate from that instruction which was detriment to our course in life. #1. The same God that created us with a free-will, choice to make, has also stand to judge whatever our choices are in life. I read a strange verse of the Bible, Ecc.11:9. It means you are free to choose what you want to do or anything you like; but God will judge them either good or bad! So, the first biblical perspective I see is that, you can choose what you like but you will be judged! --------------- #2. Another biblical perspective is that your choice will determine your destiny! It is either your choice cooperate with God's plan for your life or not! Joseph chose not to sleep with Mrs. Potiphar, eventually he became the prime minister of the same country where he was formerly an inmate; while Samson decided to sleep on Delilah's lap and his hair was shoven; eyes gouged out, grind mill and eventually was cut off in the midst of his days! -------------- #3. Another biblical perspective is that our choices must be prioritized! Martha was cooking to entertain Jesus (was it a bad thing?); while Mary was sitting at Jesus' feet learning. One was good, the other was better! In such case, you must prioritize by the Spirit of God. Then, Jesus said to Martha, 'Mary has chosen that part which no one can take away from her'. It means that there are choices we make that can fetch us things of eternal value rather than external value.. ----------- #4. Finally, your choice determines your eternity! Who you serve, how you serve and when you serve will also culminate into determining your eternity. God has never forced any man to serve and worship Him; but those who do will have their reward in heaven while those who refuse to will receive eternal damnation. ------- All in all, the Holy Spirit and the word of God (the Holy Bible) is there to guide us in choosing the right thing for our lives! God won't choose for you, neither will he enforce his choice on you but whatever you choose will be scaled and judged! Choose right! Wisdom is profitable to direct... ---------------- Prayers: 1. Father, I receive power to choose right by the Spirit of God in the name of Jesus. 2. Holy Spirit, guide me in all the decisions and choices I will make henceforth and forever in Jesus name. ------- Thanks for reading.


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Our choices determine who we are!


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