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Brethren, it goes beyond physical look,it takes the help of the Holy Spirit to discern and see into-to-to ( deeply ). 1. Don't marry a lady because of beauty,beauty is vain ,it does expire,if you base your priority on beauty( atleast,place of attraction cannot be sidelined ),you may regret later,what if something happens to the " fine-boy and fine-girl ", am sure, you will " pick race " ( Run ). Don't get distracted,there are so many beauty demons even in the church seeking for glory to suck. 2. Don't marry because of physique,six packs,stylist curves, don't worry, time will tell, those curves would soon slack,those elastic shapes would soon become zero inelastic,those six pack would soon become disappear. 3. Don't marry because she can sing - there are so many singing demons among your choristers,there are fallen angels with the devil who can sing like " kilode " - run for life, they have a heavenly rejected but world acknowledge music orator- the lucifer,he can sing anything,just give him your key ! 4. Don't marry because he's a member of prayer warrior,there are principality prayer warrior assigned to hinder progress,they know how to dramatize on the pulpit and shoot the movie with single sister and married woman all in the name of deliverance. 5.Don't marry because he knows how to quote scriptures like anything ! He can be reader but not doer,she can be bible carrier but not bible believer,he will the scripture to paint premarital sex as "old fashion " ,hope you remember Genesis 3. 6. Watch out for a woman who cannot control her tongue,who's loose to the extreme,if you go ahead, you have automatically dug your grave. 7. Watch out for a woman who cannot cook, " oluwa robi danu " ( God forbid bad thing ), you weren't brought up with junks. 8. Don't marry a man/ woman who lacks character and attitude,she will set your home to a house,peace to pieces,she will turn you to hospital's client,he will not value you anywhere,you will be as nought to him- you remember Abigail. 9. Watch out for high-tempered man,nagging woman,he will turn your house to a boxing ring and you will not be recognise by your relatives when he would have disfigure your face with punches,she would destroy the appliances you buy with your sweat with her anger ! 10. By their fruits,you shall know them,because he/she follows you to church doesn't mean,he's the right choice ! There are powers and principalities on the pulpit,jezebel in the choristers ,gehazi in the ushering dept, bar-jesus as sunday school teacher etc


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  • December 18, 2015 9:03 PM CET
Whether you believe it or not, we are all pretenders in courtship, marriage will remove the pretence and the veil. Thank God for KHC ! God , please help us as you helped those before us,we can't afford trade our destinies on the floor of Hell Stock of Exchange