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1. Friends, Hell can be experience while on earth and if you want to start the rehearsal before you enter the lake of fire, go and marry unbeliever,you will regret the day you were born,you will know the difference between " Beliti ati Bante " ( Leather belt and Leather Charm ),you will know the difference between holyghost fire and holy slap,power and punches,love and lashes of cain or belt ; it goes beyond figure eight,six packs,hot legs etc you can't divorce him/her,you will surely carry your cross without any assistance,even jesus was assisted to carrying his cross,Abigail regretted marrying silly,naughty,non-gumption unbelieving Nabal,its excruciating, she almost paid her life therein,marrying u nbeliever,is like someone who have concluded his/her burial plans while alive. 2. Friends , it time to marry God now, you have been in courtship with him over the years,its time to give Him your full attention,to be faithful indeed and be committed to the relationship. But some have been married to Him and have divorced him often times but still,he never sign the divorce papers given to Him, "oju kan lada ni " ( He's Faithful ),you need God more than God needs you,you are not serving and servicing Him,He's the one servicing you,miracles and blessings aren't needed in heaven,they are needed by us,enough of " I too know " ,it hasn't been helpful,it has been struggle and disfavour. 3. Brethren, never allow God says GOODBYE to you, when God says farewell to a fellow, such fellow becomes useless,existing but not leaving,dead but walking,rejected and forgotten, his files has been closed,such person becomes toy in the hands of the enemies,he/she become tooth-pick in the teeth of the adversary,becomes slave at the shore of enemies,such fellow experience is disaster,calamities and unending rest, such fellow becomes a descendant of Rehoboam, we will not end like Ephraim. 4. Omoge ( fine lady ),you have played home and away, awarded home and away,you can be recommended to any away player,you are being recognised in every league,its just that the cup hasn't been given to you,you can't count how many players that has been transferred to your club both on free transfer and those bought,she who live in pleasure is dead while she lives,moving you from one field to another,is hell experience,don't you experience back ache. Don't worry, its a matter of time,those things doing you "gra-gra" would soon meek you,sincerely,God must have thought about this ahead ,let's assume He had put a speedometer on lady , there would have been crisis,men would have be in trouble today and herbalist would be on rampage dispensing love charms.


There are untold stories of people who you can't threaten with hell fire,they are experiencing it already as a result of little mistakes made,it might not be their fault and it could negligence and non-challant attitude but all the same, may we not experience Hell in all our endeavour in Jesus name.