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Usually when I meet someone for the first time and I'm asked the inevitable question "tell me about yourself", the first thought that comes to mind is that there's no big deal about me. I realized today that there actually is and it's insulting to God to think of myself in that manner because God actually did take His time to create me and said I am wonderfully and beautifully made. Isn't He just awesome. I have asked God for forgiveness and still discovering my wonders. If you like me have thoughts like that, please reject them and respond to the author of that thought (the devil) to get behind you. I will be sharing my life story here henceforth and hope to encourage anyone who faces what I face. The idea is to PUSH that means we will continually PRAY for each other UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS. So today let's pray for those with self esteem issues.

My Life

  • Posted by Rosemary Amata
  • January 23, 2016 10:07 AM CET