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Over the years I've noticed and come to the conclusion that the major cause of dysfunctional relationships hence marriages also is MEN. Before you crucify me please hear me out. I'm not here to blame the men, no; I'm here to blame the church and our parents. PARENTS' ROLE Our parents raise us in such a way that suggests 'boys are born perfect and girls imperfect'. Take a really close look at how parents raise both genders and you'll notice a big difference. Boys basically do their homework, play with friends and watch TV. If chores were assigned between both genders, boys can mostly be excused while the girls take up the boys' part with the most popular excuse "you are a woman he's a man dear". Gradually in the growth process all the chores becomes the girls '. It even gets to the point where the boy gets served his food for doing absolutely nothing but hang out with friends simply because he's a man (without responsibilities oh). The girl on the other hand is expected to cook, clean and wash in addition to doing her homework. She's basically not to go out cause it's believed there are wolves (boys) out there. Lol. If our parents did put an effort with the boy as with the girl they didn't and don't have to make the girl believe boys to be wolves, right? Now they have both become young adults. Good for them right? Probably gainfully employed and "ready" for marriage. Please wait for the concluding part before you decide to beat me up or not. Hahaha! I'm serious though.

Blame Parents and the Church (1)

  • Posted by Rosemary Amata
  • March 14, 2016 3:44 PM CET
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1 comment
  • Famous Ayeni
    Famous Ayeni Would wait for your concluding part before reacting. It is the fault of any parent who decide to raise their children in that manner.
    March 17, 2016