Just as an axiom says, “change is the only permanent thing in life”. But the questions that one need answers to from this simple saying are numerous. What is the change and does it come, painful or sweet? At a time in my former campus, the almond trees were just as bald as an Octogenarian's head. These trees had leaves all over them not quite long ago. Although this lasted for some time until a radical thing took place in them. Buds of tender and shiny leaves began to sprout from the previously bare b ranches. It was a beautiful sight to behold with the glowing shiny branches waving gloriously to the Most high. Then I began to ask my self questions on how what we can learn about change from this? Well, good things don’t come easy. Change, positive one at that, does not come on a platter of gold. Positive change can be likened to the pains that a patience and to some extent, the doctor, undergo before, during and after an operation. At this point, the doctor and the patience battle hard; writhe in pains. However, when everything is done and dusted, both wear smiles on their faces. With the illustrations above, you can see that change comes at a cost. The almond trees had to expose themselves to the elements for weeks before the new and succulent leaves sprout while the patient and the doctor had to writhe in pains during the operation to live. Apart from that, when things appear so hard, and you feel that you can’t handle it overwhelming, know that change, something bigger, better, and greater, is around the corner. I began to imagine what the trees would have been saying, if they were humans, when their leaves fell apart. I think they would be pointing fingers at one witch in the village, nailing their friends, parents and even nature. At that point when everything looks darkest in your life, don’t give up. It is only a sign of better things ahead. It is the darkest period that leads to the first rays of light. Obviously, when you lose something valuable, especially when you have tried all you could to stop it, then don’t “cry blood” or allow it to weigh you down. There are times when you need to lose something good to get a better one. As the trees lost the leaves, they got fresh ones. When this happens, don’t worry. “chillax” because it is not all that is important that is really important. Don’t kill yourself over the loss of a thing because a better one is coming your way. So, whenever you see change coming, know that it might feel painful, trying and exacerbating but, just like the almond trees we looked at earlier, shedding it leaves, don’t see the wind of positive change too stormy to face because it is the surest medium for a better and greater thin