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  • Doctrine or Scriptures

    I was Privilege to accompany Rev Dunamis for a ministration at Ife. During the interactive session, a brother dressing sharp, nice haircut, polished shoe with a gold wrist watch argued vehemently his point from 1Pet. 3:3 that ladies are not supposed ...

    What a delicate masterpiece you are! Your
    composition is super classic, even the Sons of
    God(fallen angels) could not resist you. Even
    God wasn't satisfied until He has made...  more
  • God said you should marry me or you die!

    A brother in a fellowship was trying to propose to this beautiful sister in he said "God said you should marry me or you die within 7days" The sister was fidgeting...Another brother approached a sister and said " I am a gift of God to women...
  • My mum's prophet said no!

    It was their 2nd year wedding anniversary. Kemi was sobing profusely and shouting at the top of her voice... "why did I marry you? I wish I am single than being in this hell of a marriage. I had other prospects who were 10times better than you. If not ...
  • Blood is thicker than love!!!

    A lady walked up to me full of emotions and said... "I have had three traumatizing breakup before I met Bode.
    He is all I pray for in a man. A gentleman to the core... Until last month we went for a blood test and discovered we are both AS. What do yo...
  • God is leading me... but I don't love him!

    A brother said this why trying to ask a sis out; "sister Funmi, I dont have any feelings for you, no iota of love. If you were the only lady on earth, you couldnt have been my choice but God has been dealing with me of late about you and I cant be diso...