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  • Disobedience and nakedness

    The moment we disobey God, we become naked.
  • Blame Parents and the Church (1)

    Over the years I've noticed and come to the conclusion that the major cause of dysfunctional relationships hence marriages also is MEN.
    Before you crucify me please hear me out. I'm not here to blame the men, no; I'm here to blame the church and our ...
  • Listen to His Revelations in Relationships

    As my last relationship ended, I sat down to evaluate my relationships so far and it dawned on me that I'm mostly to blame for the delay I'm experiencing getting married. I say this and I'm sure the ladies in the house can relate.
    Every time I meet ...
  • My Life

    Usually when I meet someone for the first time and I'm asked the inevitable question "tell me about yourself", the first thought that comes to mind is that there's no big deal about me. I realized today that there actually is and it's insulting to God ...