He will cause His word to come to pass

  • By Pastor Sophia

    You know it is so amazing when we look back and see how much of God’s promises He has caused to come to pass in our lives. One of my favourite phrases in the bible is 'it will come to pass'. This shows God's faithfulness to us not necessarily because we are faithful but because He is faithful.

    God will fulfil His promises because Jesus by His blood made us accepted in the beloved, He qualified us to being partakers of God’s goodness and mercy. A times, it's good for us to recount God’s faithfulness in times past and be grateful and rejoice.

    It is not time to give up on God yet. It's not time to conclude that He is not faithful. Your present situations or circumstances are not enough reasons to think God has forgotten you. Yes, it may look like that but don't ever forget our God is not bound or limited to physical circumstances. He is the unchanging changer, the rewriter of our history, the one that does not consult our past to determine our future, our beginning and the end and everything in between.

    The one who parted the Red Sea, made a way in the wilderness, made the blind eye to see, the lame to walk, the dumb to speak, He even raised the dead, don't doubt this God. He turns situations around. When your situation looks like no good, then it's a good raw material for God to work with. That is what Grace does. The good news is that you are qualified for the Grace of God.

    You may be thinking, when will I share my own testimony? When will God answer me and take away my reproach? When will this heart ache be healed or restored? When will I settle down in my own husband’s house? It looks so far away, but God, when will you wipe away my tears? Lord, don't let my issue be difficult for you to do.

    When will people stop thinking God has forsaken me? How can my situation ever turn out into something beautiful? Can I ever find love again? Should I just accept my lot and not bother to hope for too much lest I be disappointed too much? Can my dreams of a happy, lovely home and family ever happen? Can God be really good to someone like me with a past?

    Be encouraged and rejoice because God is about to give you a new song. He is about to change your story and change the season of your life.

    I remember a season in our lives when it looked like we will never make it. The future looked so bleak and dark. It looked like God was a God of some selected few. But, No, He is not. He is the same God over all, that is rich onto ALL that call upon Him. The same God that did it for us is about to step into your affairs and do you good.

    It's not over, because God is not done with you yet. There are yet more glory He wants to reveal through and in you.

    Believe these words today and see a new season unfold. Look forward to the future you desire and not backward to the past. Fill your heart with faith and hope in His mercy and your mouth will continually sing His praises. Fill your heart with questions and doubt and you will move into depression.

    Your best season is about to appear. This is not motivational speaking, this is declaring what God has done and is about manifesting. Take your portion, take your place, remember His word will never return to him but will accomplish that for which God sent it, which is to bless you and fill your mouth with laughter!

    I will not give up on God. My season is here!

    Give thanks to God for what He is about to do.


    "But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee."  (Psa 5:11, KJV)


    Rejoice in God and be cheeful

    Psalm 111-118

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