Five truths that will give you peace of mind

  • "Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand-new. It's bursting out! Don't you see it? There it is! I'm making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands."  (Isa 43:19, MSG)

    I want to write particularly to waiting singles and then waiting mothers.
    There is not as frustrating as waiting endlessly for something to happen. But there is also something about enduring and waiting for God’s best and trusting that God surely has a plan.

    If you learn to wait for God’s best, your Isaac will surely come and the purpose of God will be fulfilled, but if you try to help God and compromise to get what you want urgently, Ishmael will come along the way. The problem about that is that your Ishmael will always mock your Isaac. Your alternative is a mockery of the real thing God wanted done in your life.

    Ishmael is a mockery of God’s promise, and the seed of Ishmael will give problems later!
    There is a blessing in waiting and allowing patience to have its entire work in your relationship or marriage.

    Here are five truths that will help you.

    1. Your spouse-to-be is alive
    You’ve been wondering where you husband or wife is? Well, he or she is alive, breathing and probably looking for you. The devil can try to push you into a corner with negative thoughts and tell you something like; nobody will ever marry you. Well, that is a lie from the pit of hell, because your spouse is not about to be born, he or she is somewhere as you read this and your path will surely cross someday.

    It is also noteworthy not to despise that which God has blessed. Sometimes, he or she may not look like it, but if that is God’s plan for you, God knows what He is doing and He is not confused about His plan for your life. It is only God that knows the one that will not abandon you five years after marriage. It is only God that knows the one who may not make it beyond few years of marriage.

    Your spouse-to-be will eventually locate you
    You simply need to trust God for that. As a single man, you will eventually find her. The destiny of men is to find. As a lady, you will eventually be found. The destiny of ladies is to be found. Only trust God and and let Him be your shepherd and guide your footsteps.

    Nobody can marry your spouse-to-be
    Nobody will marry the person meant for you! Let there be a million weddings per hour, nobody will marry your own. So, celebrate with others getting married and rejoice because it is a seed. When you rejoice with others, they will soon rejoice with you. How can you believe the lie of the devil that somebody has married the person meant for you? You don't need to get moody over that! The reason he got married to somebody else is because he is not meant for you. The reason she ran away with another man is that she would give problems later and God opened your eyes to experience her tendencies ahead of time. You shouldn’t be crying over that , you should have a thanksgiving!

    4. No enemy can upstage God’s plan
    The light shines in darkness and will never comprehend it. Never will darkness win over the light. Let there be a thousand witches from your village who are after you, (if there is ever anything like that), let there be a generational curse, let it be that ladies don’t get married in your family, and more, all you need in your life is Jesus Christ!

    "The reason the Son of God was made manifest (visible) was to undo (destroy, loosen, and dissolve) the works the devil [ has done ]."  (1Jn 3:8b AMP)

    What you only need to do is to believe in the finished works of Christ on the cross on your behalf. Stop believing the lies of the devil. Go into God’s word and study what God has dine for you!

    The very purpose why Jesus Christ was born is so that he might destroy all the works of the devil.
    Waiting mothers: There is always a way out.

    God has a plan for you. You will eventually have your babies. There was only one woman that was not healed of barrenness in the scriptures and that was one of David’s wife who mocked David while He was worshipping God.

    None shall be barren! That is the word of God unto you. Believe it. Embrace it! And you will surely carry your baby with your own hands. Never let go of your confession. Hold on tightly to God’s word and you will see the salvation of God in that area of your life. It is not a sin to explore medical options. It does not destroy your faith. Be open to whatever God wants to do and stay in His word.

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    I will wait for the Salvation of the Lord

    Lord, do speedily in my life that which is your plan for my life


    "I wait for Your salvation, O Lord."  (Gen 49:18, AMP)


    Worship God for what He will do in your life

    Psalm 119:89-176

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