The KHC Eleven Commandments for all Ladies and Wives

  • 1. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thine heart. Thou shall know it is not about thy beauty, thy carriage, thy acumen, thy intelligence or connections, but by the Lord thy God which helpeth thee. Only to God’s help shall you look unto all the time.

    2. Thou shall not be involved with more than one man at a time. Thou shall not slow thyself down or bring delay into thy life by flagrant disobedience to God’s way of doing things.

    3. Thou shall not love another man apart from thy husband. Thou shall not secretly fall in love or be emotionally involved with another man. Thou shall only love and defer to thy husband for that is where the Lord commandeth His blessings.

    4. If thou art single, and there seems to be no man showing up, thou shall not become desperate and compromise with a man that hath no relationship with God. Thou shall know that God has a plan for thy life and that waiting and trusting for that plan is the best to do.

    5. Thou shall not succumb to the pressures at work. In your environment of from those that thou callest friends, thou shall stand as a rock and refuse to be moved. In all that thou puttest thy hands to do, thou shall make up thine mind to do it God’s way.

    6. Thou shall not disrespect thy husband. Thou shall defer to him in all things in the Lord, thou shall honour him, and treat him as your head and crown. Thou shall know that if thou disrespect him whom God has set as your head, thou will not be able to enter into the fullness of the blessing that God hath for you.

    7. Thou shall not nag thy husband. Thou shall understand that thou can send thy husband away from thy home when you become contentious.

    8. Thou shall not deny thy husband jeru trip. Thou shall not pretend to have headache or fever when thy husband toucheth you. Thou shall know that thy husband will never be able to love you the way he should if you denieth him at most times. Thou shall not use jeru trip as a punishment or reward!

    9. If thou art single, thou shall not offer thy body to keep a man. Thou shall know that that thy body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and God seeth it as sacred. Thou shall hold thy body in dignity and good self- esteem. Thou shall not offer jeru trip in exchange for money. Thou shall not travel to see thy fiancé and pass the night at his place. Thou shall not turn thyself into an unmarried wife, so that thou loseth not your respect. Thou shall not turn thyself to a cook or dry cleaner in order to keep a man that you are not married to.

    10. Thou shall learn to dress for your husband at home because he is moved by sight. If thou art single, thou shall not tempt thy fiancé with dressing. Thou shall understand that a man is moved by sight.

    11. Thous shall constantly practice giving of your tithes and offerings unto the Lord as your covenant connector. Thou shall know that it is only by Covenant that thou can rule in the midst of this crooked and perverse generation

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    I will be a good man/woman. I am obedient to God's covenant

    Pray for grace to do it God's way and not your way

    "How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man."  (Jer 31:22, KJV)

    Meditate on God's Word

    1 Kings 15:25-34; 1 Kings 16:1-34; 2 Chronicles 17

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