Six types of lovers and how to identify the right one for you

  • There are different kinds of lovers. There are different kinds of men. There are different kinds of women. The scripture talks about wicked men, evil men and froward men. It also talks about strange women and alien women.

    You don't get into marriage because of feelings alone. You don't jump into a relationship because of pressures.

    There is something called uniqueness of destinies. It means you shouldn't compare yourself with somebody else.

    Okay, let’s take a look at some types of lovers we have.

    1. The lover of your body
    This person is attracted to your body and not to you as a person. He is in love, or better still in lust for what he can get from you or what she can get from your body.

    This lover does not want the relationship to be taken to the next level through marriage commitments, he or she just wants the pleasure of your body in a non-ending jeru trap!

    He is in the relationship for jeru trap. The day you tell him or her that there is no more jeru trap, he or she will move on.

    Avoid such people. They are simply partners in sin. They will do anything and go all the way to have you in bed and yet wil never offer marriage commitments.

    Learn this truth today, you will never be able to ‘insure” a wedding day by offering your body! It will never work like that because that is not the purpose of your body!

    2. The lover of your faith
    This person just likes you because you are a child of God. He or she likes your heart and your commitments and likes to be around you. But he or she is not ready for a marriage commitment. He or she likes to be around you, likes you to share revelation with her but doesn't find you attractive enough or financially loaded enough for marriage.

    Such people will often make statements like, “I wish I can marry somebody who is spiritual like you.”

How do you handle such people? If they encroach too much into your space and are almost getting you to the point where you are becoming emotionally attached by their continual presence, you will need to define the relationship because  they have no plan for any commitments.

    3. The lover of your purse

    This lover is just following you around, not because he or she is interested in marriage but because he or she needs your money. They will tell you all kind of lies just to squeeze out some money from you.

    They are not attracted to your person but to your ATM card. They will tell you what you want to hear in order to get what they want. They will pretend they are for you, but they are actually for your money.

    They are controlled by mammon. They will just keep doing anything even derogatory things just to keep money flowing. Never make a mistake and think they love you. God forbid, the day they know you are broke, you won’t see them.

    4. The lover of your time and care
    They don't love you, they won’t marry you, but they want to use you and wear you out. They like you to do things for them and run around for them. If they need a carpenter, it is you they will call, if they need a plumber, it is you that will find one. They make you a solution provider, and that is all.

    Such people are dependent on you, never mistake their dependence for love. The day they meet a better “solution provider” they will drop you like hot potatoes and discard you like a sheet of paper


5. The lover of your soul
    He or she loves you because he is your pastor or coordinator. He is just there for your spiritual nourishment. He is genuinely interested in your growth and no lust is involved. He has compassion for your soul, not lust for your body.

    The problem is that compassion can often be viewed as love between lovers! But it is not.

    Never fall in love with your pastor, so that you don't ruin yourself and ruin the pastor in the process.

    If you have any relationship with a pastor who is already married, you are on the pathway to hell. There is no softer way to say that, but you can decide today  and say “No more!” and God will have mercy on you.

    Again if you are sexually involved with a single pastor, it is still the same. The pastor is deceiving himself, and he will soon be out of ministry. There is actually a difference between ministry and misery.

    Never, ever fall in love with your pastor or coordinator. There is nothing like the love of God on the bed. Don't be deceived. There is nothing like sleeping with an anointed man of God to get deliverance. In fact, you will end up getting more dangerous and stronger demons!

    If you are involved in such, get help quickly. Locate the mentor or spiritual father of the so called pastor and open up, and pray that the mentor is not exactly like his protégée!

    6. The lover from God

    The lover from God is the best for you and he is the one that you should pray for. He or she may not be a perfect person, but he will fear the Lord.

    He or she is the lover that will not turn you into a widow or widower in some five years after marriage.

    He or she is lover that will not divorce you down the line.

    He or she is the lover that will not turn you away from your God.

    She is the lover you can truly called helper, that your soul delights in.

    She is the lover whose breasts will satisfy you like roes.

    He is the lover that will still make your heart tingle and make butter-flies fly in your tummy even after twenty years of marriage.

    He is the lover that will be there as a father to make your children go further in life.

    She is the mother that will not murder the dreams of your children.

    She is the lover that will stabilise your excesses.

    That is what you should go for, wait for, and trust God for.

    The lover from God is worth waiting for, it is worth praying for, and is worth abstaining from sin for!

    As married couples, prayers will change anything. If anything seems out of place in your spouse, keep praying, and I will tell you something, God answers prayers! Never ever become unfaithful to each other because of some pressures.

    As singles, you will indeed meet that lover from God! He will not just be spiritual, he will be so handsome. He will be anointed to the teeth! When he smiles at you, you will fall under the anointing!

    She will have both the brain and the beauty! She will be so beautiful that you keep wondering why God loves you so much! Wait for God, because He will never be too late!

    I pray for you this morning, God will  lead you. You will not be confused. It is well with you!

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