The engine of a successful relationship and a great marriage

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    Oil. Just three words. But our world can hardly do without it.

    When you mention oil, you think engine. Without that lubricating oil, the engine will not function properly.

    Our spirit man or inner man is like a spiritual engine, because we generate power therein. The strength to open your eyelids in the morning comes from your engine room, your spirit man. There are thousands across this world this morning that will not wake up, they will not be able to open their eyelids. They would have crossed beyond the horizon. Everyday, over one hundred and fifty thousand people will die. Their engine room will pack up.

    The strength to get up and take a walk is derived from your engine room, your inner man. To have a successful relationship that will transit into marriage, you need your engine to be in proper state.

    If starting a relationship is city A and Wedding is city B and tenth year wedding anniversary is city C, you need a vehicle to travel this marital road.

    You want to make sure you engine is okay to travel.

    That vehicle requires fuel and oil. But the reality is that many people have not paid attention to their engines!

    Many engines have knocked. A lot of vehicles have been immobilised. A lot have abandoned their spiritual journey. A lot more have been distracted by road side sellers who are hawking different shades of compromise.

    Many have been involved in marital accidents on wrong roads! There are roads and paths that lead to death. may you never be found there!

    "For her house inclineth unto death, and her paths unto the dead."  (Pro 2:18, KJV)

    There are road side mechanics who will offer to fix your vehicle. They will destroy it the more. There are charlatans who call themselves pastors who are out to just wreck destinies.

    By the time a pastor said he needs to sleep with you for you to be delivered from demons, you should know that you are parked on the wrong lane and that he would end up adding more demons.

    By the time you are agree to take a bath naked in some dank waters, you should know you are on the wrong path. Watch where you are going to park.

    Many vehicles have been towed away like that. Many lives have been lost in the maze of compromise and sexual perversion. Many ministries have been destroyed, many have lost their faith.

    There are three ways to take care of your engine, your inner man. Now listen to me, this is the foundation of a successful relationship, courtship or marriage.

    Take care of your inner man. It is foolishness  to take care of the pulchritude only at the expense of your inner man, where strength comes from.

    Rule One
    Never use the wrong oil
    If you try to save money by buying and using the wrong oil, you will spend more money eventually towing your vehicle and replacing the engine.
    The wrong oil will mess up the specs of your car. There is a way to live as a child of God. There are places you should not be found. There are lifestyles you give up in other to gain God. There is the world to shun and heaven to gain.

    Your inner man is the candle of the Lord. Protect it by God's word and using the right oil. The oil of the Holy Spirit.

    Go for fresh oil.

    "But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil."  (Psa 92:10, KJV)

    A fresh oil brings freshness into your relationship and marriage. Have you been fighting too often? Is your love for each other fast disappearing? Check your oil gauge!

    Rule Two
    Never use dirty oil
    Dirty oil will contaminate you. It will slow down your journey. It will bring delay. The devil hawks dirty oil all over the place. Never buy it. Never negotiate with it.

    There should be no argument about jeru trap. If he or she is insisting on it, drop the person from your  vehicle before both of you are grounded. Asking you to send nude pictures? Don’t be contaminated with dirty oil. Stay away from the enemy of your soul.
    You were invited for a swimming party by 8.00pm. And you went. What were you thinking they would do there? Prayers? I doubt. There are places you feel like going, but you simply refuse to go because you love yourself.

    You already knew you were struggling with jeru trap. And yet you took your money and travel down to see him? What did you think would happen?

    Don't deliberately drive your vehicle into the ditch.

    Rule 3
    Never allow your oil tank to be empty
    When you have no oil, you will get your engine knocked. When the engine knocks, you are immobilised. That will not be your portion.

    There is something about getting fresh oil daily. Read God’s word daily. Pray in the Spirit daily. Stay away from compromise.

    People of God, listen and listen well. God is not a complicated God. You have gone for deliverance several times. You have gone to the mountains several times. You have taken your bath in rivers. You have even rubbed some things on your body when some prophet gave you an oil to rub in other to have favour. You have fasted. You have even parted with your hard earned money to get a solution and yet…. nothing has happened.

    Why don’t you calm down first and then leave these complicated rituals and just do simple things in obedience to God. They are so simple. Maybe that is why you doubt its efficacy.

    Be still, and know that I am God.

    The simple things that will bring greatness into your life remain the same. Stay away from sin. Read God’s word daily. Pray in the Spirit daily. Pay your tithe regularly. Give and support God’s work. Obey your parents who feed you with physical food. Honour those who feed you with spiritual food with your seed. Forgive all hurts. Stay away from strife. Be full of thanksgiving to God and finally, always obey, listen and do whatever God asks you to do promptly!

    Just as simple checks will keep your engine sound and safe,
    these simple things will bring greatness into you life. Be consistent with them and God’s blessing will be your lifestyle.

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    I am anointed with fresh oil

    Lord, fill me with fresh oil today in Jesus name

    "But my horn (emblem of excessive strength and stately grace) You have exalted like that of a wild ox; I am anointed with fresh oil."  (Psa 92:10, AMP)

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    Jeremiah 41-45

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