Before Dunamis and Sophia fell in love

  • Falling in love is such a sweet experience. I won’t forget that experience. Should I talk about the butterflies that flew endlessly in my tummy? What about not being able to read for examination, all because I fell in love three weeks to examination? I tell young people, never  fall in love during examination times. 

I was twenty-four years old and she was twenty-one. I will open my books to read and I will see her face there. How did it get there? I am still wondering till today. Perhaps, some of you can give me the answer.

    We got married three years later when I was twenty-seven and she was twenty-four in November, 1999.

    During the holidays, I would miss her like Mississippi. There were no mobile phones, I was staying in Ijebu-Ode and she stayed in Abeokuta. There was this meat-pie I once bought for her in Ijebu Ode at Mosun-Cafe and she loved it. The few times I went to see her in Abeokuta, I would buy this meat-pies with my savings and make sure it stayed hot before I get to Abeokuta.

    I remember the  first time I sat beside her in a bus from Mini Campus (Ijebu-Igbo) to Abeokuta, oh what a rapturous experience. I wish we can travel again and again together. My blood was running up and down all through, my heart palpitated at an amazing pace.

    When I looked into her face those days, I would ask God whether it is really true I would be marrying this angel. It’s just great to be in love, and to be in love with the right person!

    The picture below was when we just fell in love, and the year was 1996!

    But it can really be heart-wrenching to be in love with a wrong person, with a person who doesn't love you like you love him or her, with a person who just wants to use you and get jeru trap.

    I once sat down and we asked each other what really got us together. What did she see about me? What did I see about her? Those things will help you think very well before you fall in love and offer your heart to someone. It will help you to avoid unnecessary heart breaks.

    1. The peace of God

    Coming first on the list is the peace of God. I had the peace of God! Not with some visions I had over a period of nine months seeing just one lady! Ha!


Not everybody will see visions, and it is not compulsory to see visions before falling in love, but you will certainly know how God speaks to you!

    The peace of God about a person is so important. It helps you to establish that you are being led of God and by God. It settles a lot of questions and help you to focus on what God wants for you. It helps you to fight for what belongs to you and not give up on the relationship on any slight provocation.

She also had a dream where she saw herself kneeling before me and I was pouring oil on her head. I was not a pastor then! When she related the dream to me, I asked her, what else would that mean?

    I remembered a time she came to my room. We were just friends. I had not told her anything and there was no indication I  was interested in her, but by this time, I had been having visions seeing her for about five months. She came around and asked me about a guy who was asking her out and wanted to take her out for a dinner. I know this guy very well, I know how the guy had brought young innocent girls to the hall and slept with them. I told her, run, run, run, there is fire on the mountain!

 I told her never to try it or else she would regret it. I told her on one part advising her as a friend and on the other part protecting what I know belongs to me! If it were you nko?

    The peace of God protects and guides. It is like a security officer!

"And God's peace [ shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace ] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."  (Php 4:7, AMP)

    When there is peace, go ahead. When there is no peace, don't try it.

2. The fear of God

    The next thing I saw in her was the fear of God. I could see she really loved God. In fact, as at the time I had not rededicated my life, I would be playing football, while they would be having fellowship at the pavilion.

    She later told me as well that she just loved my heart. Meanwhile, I was just being myself. I would have swept the hall we would use for fellowship before anybody came. I would arrange the chairs, do some painting and place on the wall, set up everything and all that.

    You see, when you are busy serving God, God will also go out to undertake for you. That was basically my experience. I was not doing all that to get a spouse, I did them because I loved God and God sees my heart.

    This is why it is dangerous to fall in love with a stranger!

 A person asking for jeru trap has no fear of God! 

Did I feel like jeru trap while courting my wife? Yes, and a million times yes. Did I succumb to the pressure? No!

    I was not a pastor then, but I just had a feeling that if I tried it, I would die! I don't know where the feeling came from, but I thank God for that feeling.

    She loved to spend time with me, and she would come around so that we can pray. She would sit down and we would look at each other's eyes and not pray at the end. The pressure would be so intense that my eyes would practically go red! 

    When you love a person, you want to take the relationship to the highest physical level possible, but God says NO, until after wedding! The feeling you have are not sinful, and it is not lust. That is just being human. It is when you start imagining things, giving expression to those feelings that you start knocking on the altar of compromise.

    When I saw that I was dying slowly, I told her we would pray on the school field, not in my room! You see, many folk are never sincere with themselves. They keep spiritualising everything until they are held and choked by the spirit of sexual perversion.

How did you get to that point where you keep on compromising? You are not being sincere, you are not putting your body under and you are not taking cognisance of the future! 

It is all about your future, people of God. It is all about your destiny. It is all about your assignment. If you have a sense of destiny and yet you still stuggle endlessly, be at KHC Camp meeting, 2015. God will meet with you. If you have any long lasting issue, be at the camp meeting!

    Joseph ran away and he became the prime minister. Samson refused to run and died! Cut off in the midst of his days! 

I pray that you will come to that place in God where you will say no to all forms of compromise!

    The fear of God. That is the only reason I am still serving God. The fear of God, that is the only reason I will not take advantage of several young vulnerable ladies that come to me for help. The fear of God, that is the only reason I would remain faithful to my wife.

    Before you fall in love, look for the fear of God. You will have peace of mind in your marriage! 

May God grant you more understanding!

    To be continued tomorrow.

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    I will follow God's peace. I am guided by His peace

    My God, lead and guide my by your peace in Jesus name

    "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God."  (Php 4:6, KJV)

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    Jeremiah 51-52


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