Practical ways to love your fiancee or wife

  • The scripture commands that husbands should love their wives. If this simple advice is followed, a lot of frictions will be eliminated.

    How do you love your fiancee or wife?

    Let’s take a look at the scriptures
    "Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church—a love marked by giving, not getting. Christ's love makes the church whole. His words evoke her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her,"  (Eph 5:25-26, MSG)

    Husbands are to go all out for their wives. The above scripture says this love is marked by giving and not just getting. Your words should evoke her beauty! Everything you do and say as a man should be designed to bring the best out of her.

    What are the practical ways you can love your fiancee/wife?

    1. Pray for her
    The first way you show love to your wife is to constantly pray for her. She needs your prayers! As singles in a relationship, you need to understand that nobody is perfect. The fact that God said a certain sister is going be your wife does not mean she is going to be perfect and without weaknesses. But you can be sure your prayers for her will go a long way in dealing with issues that will arise as a result of differential opinions and outlooks.

    Rather than argue endlessly, pray for her. Rather than conclude that she is difficult and impossible, pray for her. Rather than end that relationship, pray for her first.

    Learn to fight for what God has given you. Do not allow the devil to negotiate you out of God’s plan for your life over some films excuses.

    If as a man, you have been in more than three relationships that is always ending after a few months, you should know that all the faults are not with the ladies involved, you will need to take a sincere, incisive and confrontational inventory about what went wrong from your own end and then consciously correct them so that you don't make the same mistakes in a new relationship.

    That is how to be a man. That is how to separate the boys from the men. Real men face the truth, even when their ego is bruised.

    2. Verbalise your love
    A lady goes though a complexity of emotions. Her thought patterns are not as simple, straight-forward and logical as that of  a man. Sometimes, she just needs to be assured. She just needs to feel protected and that she is understood.

    One moment she is happy and exuberant, the next moment, she is glum faced, and you are wondering whether she needs deliverance. Well, it’s just her emotions, and sometimes it could be spiritual as well. That is why the first thing I said was “Pray for her!”

    But when you go like, “What is wrong with you? At twenty-seven, why are you behaving like a baby?” Well, she is your baby! Really!

    Saying “I love you” constantly means a lot to her. A lot of men simply stop verbalising their love after wedding. That is a huge mistake because a lady wants to hear that every time. The one you said two hours ago has expired!

    Don't be like that man who asked his wife what the problem was and the wife replied, “It’s because you don’t say, “I love you!”

    The man simply went to a studio, recorded into a CD, the words “I love you,” over a thousand times. He gave it to his wife  and said, “Just play this anytime you want to hear “I love you.”

    The woman took the CD and threw it out of the window! “I want to hear it from you! I didn't marry a CD!”

    3. Be romantic
    Every lady wants her man to be romantic. The reason most men are not romantic is very simple. They never saw their dad being romantic to their mum! Well, it can be learnt! Get out of the mould of tradition and be creative about your love for your wife. Read books and learn how you can make your wife happy. It is every important so that you can have some peace in your home!

    As singles in a relationship, make sure your bid to be romantic has boundaries. Don’t come and say Pastor Dunamis said we should be romantic and then you start kissing her! No! You don't have to be sinful to be romantic.

    A lot of guys don't even know what it means to be romantic.

    One day, sister Sube complained to her fiancé, Brother Zerubbabel that he is not romantic at all, to which Bro. Zeru replied, “But I read the book of Romans a lot!

    Singles in relationship, be romantic without sinning. Married couples, you can go all the way and be  constantly romantic to your wife!

    4. Stay in communication
    The next way to show your love is to stay in communication. I have said it many times that I don’t really understand singles who say they are in a relationship and a month would pass with no communication. That is ridiculous!

    When a person is truly in love with you, the person wants to talk with you all the time. Every opportunity he has, he wants to be with you or talk to you.

    If he keeps saying he is busy, the reality is that it is either he is in longer interested or the love has waned completely.

    Dear young lady, if he has not called you in three months, there is no relationship. Do not allow you emotions to be taken on a ride that leads nowhere. Do not hang your life on a man who calls you from abroad once in six months! Move on with your life or else the disappointment will be monumental.

    God shows His love for us by communicating with us all the time. A lady is a “talk” being. She wants to talk and she wants to be heard and you need to understand this.

    In marriage, it doesn't change at all. Deliberately create an “us” time where all you do is just talk and listen. That is very important in keeping the fire burning in marriage.

    I am going to stop here today and I will conclude tomorrow.

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    I will love my wife like Christ loves the church

    Lord, help me to be a man! Help my husband {or husband-to-be} to be a man!

    "Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave his life for it. He did this to make the church holy by cleansing it, washing it using water along with spoken words."  (Eph 5:25-26, GW)

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    Ezekiel 18-19


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