Four more things you should be ready to do for your man

  • We started looking at a few peculiarities of men yesterday and we saw three things:
    1. He wants his ego massaged constantly
    2. He wants to be respected
    3. He wants to be satisfied sexually

    This morning, we will be looking at four more things
    4. He loves good food
    5. He is moved by sight
    6. He needs to be prayed for
    7. He needs help

    4. He loves good food
    A wife should be a good cook, but she doesn't have to cook all the time, especially in this age where a woman is even becoming more of a career person than the husband. There must be balance here, because both the husband and the wife have gone to work and they are both tired at the end of the day.

    Yes, house-helps may help but don’t allow house helps to take over your kitchen, serve your husband while you sit down and relax. That is some carelessness, especially when you know that your husband likes fair ladies and your house-help is fair in complexion!

    Try as much as possible to serve your husbands yourself or let your husband serve himself if you are not around. Those are just some few tips to protect yourself against the constant vicissitudes of life. This is very important. If your husband lacks self-control or has no fear for God, and you are not always around, and there is a young girl at home, that is like setting you house on fire!

    Don’t be like the lady who got married and for days they were just eating out. After a while the husband got tired and requested for Amala. (A Nigerian local delicacy). So the pot of water is on the cooker, and she calls her mum to ask, ‘Mum the pot is on the fire now, at what point do I add the yam powder?

    5. He is moved by sight
    Dress for your husband at home. This is because men are moved by sight. They are moved by what they see, including anointed men and apostles and popes!

    Don’t be like a lady who is so busy tied up in a wrapper and that was the last picture her husband saw before leaving for work. By the time he comes back, she is back in the wrapper trying to get food ready! Meanwhile, at work, she is accosted by this delectable, adorable and impeccably dressed secretary every morning who is saying ‘I am available’ with her body language! If the guy doesn’t’ know what he is doing or is brainless like Message translation says concerning adultery, he will simply mess up. It is okay to tie wrappers if that is what your husband wants, but there is lingerie out there you can get! Dress cute for your husband at home and learn to set him in the mood. He likes that, he may not verbalise that, but I am helping him to do that now.

    Singles, watch what you wear to your fiancée’s house. Don’t kill the guy; let him fulfill destiny! You are going to see him so that you can pray together by 9.00pm in a mini skirt? How will he pray? The eyes will be turning red, the tongues will change and you will think it is the anointing?

    Men can lose their temper, temperature and temperament altogether when they see a beautiful lady! Men, can you bear me witness? It doesn't matter whether he is single or married! For every man, there is always fire down there!

    6. He needs to be prayed for
    Pray for your husband. Don’t let your early years in marriage be characterized with quarrels and hurts and wounds. You will slow yourself down that way. Yes, he is not a good man, he is not caring, he is not loving, she is not submissive, she is not respectful…but you are married! You are one in God’s eyes. You need each other’s agreement; you need each other’s prayers! Pray for him from the depth of your heart and support him, don’t close up your spirit on him because of some issues…support him. Never open your mouth to curse him; it would be like cursing yourself because you are one!

    7. He needs help
    You are a helper. There are only two people referred to as ‘helper’ in the whole of Genesis to Revelation. That is the Holy Spirit and your wife!

    That is why you have been told never to grieve the Holy Spirit and never to be bitter with your wife. That is why you don’t lift your hand against your helper! Ladies, be there to help him succeed. Support his endeavours.

    Don’t let your mouth be too fast, because ladies can talk a lot!

    Singles, you help your fiancée when you refuse to compromise. You are not helping him when he says ‘let’s kiss baby, and you too submit your lips for the next two hours like you are submitting a paper in the exam hall! Tell him, if you are hungry, you go by Ponmo or some cow-hide in the market, you are not chewing my mouth! These lips are reserved till marriage! The power of life and death lies in your mouth, after wedding, if you like, you can kiss for two weeks non-stop, even the angels will be clapping for you!

    I have understanding. I am blessed

    Pray for strength to do the will of God.

    "Wives, understand and support your husbands in ways that show your support for Christ."  (Eph 5:22, MSG)

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    Nehemiah 11-13; Psalm 126


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