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Learning the unforced rhythm of grace and flowing with it

  • "Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you."  (Mat 11:29, MSG)

    Back then on campus days, it was nothing but fun, adventures and comedic happenstances.

    I was a university undergraduate by 1991. I lived in a big compound of a large expanse of land that had  a section for guys  and another section for ladies.

    I was later to meet my wife from that hall, she lived in the ladies’ section within the same compound.

    You know something about God? Nothing just happens. Everything you do, everywhere you go, everybody you meet, if you stay within the spiritual jurisdiction of His plan for your life, is always for a purpose.

    Your life is a script, pre-written, prepared and published by the heavens. It has been finished. Really, technically, spiritually, nobody can kill you before your time, except one person: you!

    Which school are you now? It is for a purpose. Which area did you grow up? It is for a purpose. Who are your parents? It is for a purpose. Who are the people you met last year? It is all for a purpose.

    This is why it is important you stay with God and not desperately try to take your life into your own hands, thereby missing God’s best.

    Don't relocate outside the country because others are doing so, relocate because that is what God wants you to do.

    There is a place for you in God. Not all seeds flourish on every soil. There is a geographical environment that is specific to your destiny where your destiny will be brightest. Find out, stay there and from there you will reach the whole world.

    I know that my wife is supposed to be my wife. There is no other conviction I need by now. She was made for me, I was made for her. We are a a great blend of couple, and blessed be the name of the Lord that I did not miss it in that area.

    Looking back, If I had missed, it, my life journey would have been different a little, I know that, because  not every body can fit into being a Pastor’s wife.

    The day a Pastor marries a business man’ wife, he is in trouble. He will finish service, and the wife would say, “How much did we make today? Please, give me the money!” She is not being greedy or evil, she is simply a money conscious wife of a business man who found herself in a Pastor’s house, so the church is an avenue for making money off people! At that moment, the ministry becomes a misery!

    You see, appreciate where you are now. Every event in your life is a beautiful orchestration of heaven to lead you into your destiny. Every sound, is a symphony that will later aggregate into a beautiful orchestra, God being the director!

    I remember my dad wanted me to change my University from Olabisi Onabanjo University to Obafemi Awolowo University, because his friend was there and promised to take me in for another course.

    At that point, I have not met my wife, and I believe my life would have been altered If I had changed university. It was in that University that I received God’s call. It was in that University, I redeployed to and started the work of the ministry after graduation.

    You wouldn't believe what happened.

    I took JAMB again, with the intention to change to OAU, but on the day of the JAMB examination, I became feverish. I wouldn't say I fell ill, because the fever left as soon as I finished the exam! But during that examination, I wasn't really myself. The next thing was that I forgot that I was not supposed to answer all the questions, I was supposed to answer the only questions I knew, because of the way marks are apportioned. But you know what, I forgot that and I answered everything, the ones I knew and the ones I wasn’t sure of!

    After I was through, I remember I was not supposed to answer like that and I wondered what came over me that I forgot that!

    Well, the result came out and I scored 190! My dad’s friend said if only I had crossed to 200, he would have taken me in. And I could have easily crossed to 200 if I did not answer all the questions!

    Whatever happened, I knew heaven arranged that I remain in OOU because of destiny! That is where my wife was, not in OAU!

    My point this morning?

    If you stay with God, pray consistently, stay away from sin, heaven will ensure you stay within the parameters of God’s plan for your life, where you can be most productive and where you will enjoy the fullness of God’s blessings for your life.

    You will come to discover that everything that happens daily, everybody you meet, everywhere you find yourself, is a beautiful story woven together by God Himself.

    You just simply meet your spouse one day. It will so happen naturally, there wouldn't be any need for special prayers. No need too climb mountains or do a seven-day dry fast.

    You see, the supernatural can become natural when you learn to walk with Him and cultivate His presence. He will lead you! It is the unforced rhythm of grace where God’s grace carries you as it were on its wings!

    No wonder the scripture says:
    "This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh."  (Gal 5:16, KJV)

    When you walk with God like this, you will conquer the flesh and its desires. You will live above sin.

    There are some things that happened in your life, and you think it is a curse, meanwhile it is God Himself that threw a monkey wrench right there!

    Then scriptures says no evil will befall you.

    If you are God’s child and you fall in love with a guy, who might soon pass away and leave you a widow in three years after wedding, God Himself would scatter that relationship!

    You will sit down and start crying that something is wrong with you meanwhile nothing is wrong, God is actually protecting you!

    You see in God, some rejections are actually directions! There are some relationship break-ups that you should do thanksgiving for!

    Whatever happened to me on the day I took that JAMB looked like an attack, but looking back, there was no attack, the angels of God simply ensured I stayed in my place of flourishing! What would have happened if I married wrong? Really, I don't know, but I do know one thing, I married my help meet, the one specific to my calling, my person, my strengths, my weaknesses, my nonsense, my naughtiness and my all!

    Trust God, my dear KHCItes! God will not lead you wrong. If you do not have peace about someone, don’t go ahead. Don't risk it! If you have peace about a person, who seem to have nothing, go ahead, because there are many broke men on their way to being rich and many rich men on their way to being broke.

    Only God knows the best person for you. You can list all the statistics, the hips, tips and lips, but marriage is beyond all that. Statistics change with time, hips get bigger or smaller, tips change with pressures, and the lips that can kiss today can as well bite tomorrow. Ultimately, God knows the best person for you who will still be the best person for you in another forty years!

    Follow God!

    I pray for you this morning, you will not miss it. I curse every spirit of confusion in your life in the name of Jesus. My God and my father will hold you by the hand and lead you. I curse that spirit that is trying to destabilise your relationship or marriage in Jesus name.

    There is someone reading this, I see this in my spirit, you are literally shaking as you read this because you think you are too far gone in a terrible error, but listen to me, God said I should tell,” I will redeem you, yes, with my everlasting arms, I will gather you and I will make everything new for you!”

    I release you by the Spirit of God into a season of unprecedented favour in the name of Jesus. I command the heavens to open over your life. Help will arise for you in the name of Jesus!

    I hear God say to some of you, “I will compensate you for all the years wasted, I will collapse the years for you and I will remove the shame of your youth!”

    Blessed be the name of the Lord. Go ahead and just bless his holy name! I challenge you this year, walk with God and learn the unforced rhythm of His grace!

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    I am a candidate of His grace. Grace works for me!

    Lord, teach me the unforced rhythm of your Grace

    "Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly.""  (Mat 11:30, MSG)

    Hand over your life into God's hands

    Job 40 - 42

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