Tell tale signs that heaven is about to smile on you


    Gen 27:40 (AMP)
    By your sword you shall live and serve your brother. But [ the time shall come ] when you will grow restive and break loose, and you shall tear his yoke from off your neck.
    Gen 27:40 (MSG)
    You'll live by your sword, hand-to-mouth, and you'll serve your brother. But when you can't take it any more you'll break loose and run free.
    There are signs that you notice when heaven is about to smile on you and when your lifting is near. There are things that happen that should tell you that the wedding is near, the breakthrough is at your finger tips and that which you have been praying for is finally here.
    It gets to a time that you become restless and you can take no nonsense from the devil again. Here are some signs.
    1. You will get tired of the status quo
    You will suddenly get tired of the status quo. You simply won't be comfortable again about where you are. It is called rebelling against the status quo. It is sign that some great thing is about to happen in your life
    2. You will have a feeling that this is not all of you
    Another things that usually happens is that you will come to an understanding that this is not all of you. You will suddenly have the eyes of your understanding opened and you will know that you can be greater and better.
    3. You will suddenly have a strong desire for that which you are expecting
    Your desire for your expectation will grow stronger and you will have a strong conviction that it will happen. Your faith in God will go stronger because of His word that you hold unto your heart.
    4. You will want to pay any price, including fasting and prayer.
    You will want to pay the price, even in the place of fasting and prayer. It won't be a situation that you decided to fast, but upon seeing your friend making egusi stew, you simply abandon your fasting!
    5. There will be more temptations to compromise
    The devil will intensify his attacks and will set more traps. He too knows that your greatness is near and your breakthrough is not far away. The devil is not omniscient, he doesn't know all things, but he is very experienced because he has been the same person tempting man even from the time of Adam, so he knows when a person is nearing his break-through.
    Just when you decide to let go of sexual sins, that is when your beautiful ex, will return to beg and wants to pass the night. Of course, you know what will happen! It is a trap!
    Just when you decide not to get involved in any fraud, that is when they will present you with a mouth-watering offer! It is a trap to negotiate your blessing out of your hands. Be wise and resist the devil!
    6. There will be depression bouts and attacks
    When you are almost there at the point of your break-though, at the point of marital breakthrough, there will be attacks on your mind, especially depression.
    The tactic of the devil is to steal your joy, so that what ought to be done can be cut short. He knows that it is with joy that you draw waters out of the well of Salvation.
    But you must stand your ground at this time, you must let God’s word stay in your mouth and you must refuse to back out on God.
    Tell the devil, “You cannot steal my joy!”
    7. There will be greater opportunities to go into strife
    At this time, more and more people will step on your toes and get you offended. It is a trap of the devil because he knows when you are in strife and in unforgiving spirit, nothing gets done! Strife is a blessing blocker!
    Unforgiving spirit will slow you down. It will handicap God’s hand from doing what He wants to do.
    So what must you do? Make up your mind, not to allow anybody to stop your blessing!
    Dear KHCites, we should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil. Don't cooperate with him in any way. Don't shoot yourself in the leg by walking or yielding to the flesh.
    Stay in the Spirit, stay prayerful, forgive all even as you expect God to move on your behalf.
    8. You will get instructions for your lifting
    As that great time approaches, the Spirit of God will minster to you and give you promptings to sow and give, sometimes specifically. Make sure you don't ignore these promptings because anytime God tells you to give or reminds you about your tithe, there is a harvest He has in mind.
    9. You will move into thanksgiving mode often
    You will be compelled to give thanks more. Simply yield to that and rejoice before the actual rejoicing becomes a reality.
    10. You will need to line up your confession
    Make sure that your utterances agree with that which you are expecting.
    In no time, it will be done, and you will rejoice and your joy will be full. I pray for you this morning, may God give you the strength to receive the best that He has for you in Jesus name!
    That thing that will happen that will cause your mouth to be filled with laughter, that will cause your mouth to sing and that will cause your feet to dance, let heaven release it unto you now in Jesus name!
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    I am wise. I cooperate with God and I refuse to yield to the flesh


    Lord, keep my feet from falling.


    Eph 6:13 (MSG)  Be prepared. You're up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it's all over but the shouting you'll still be on your feet.

    Forgive all that you need to

    Leviticus 19 - 21

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