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Five things a husband should never do to his wife

  • There are only two people referred to as the helper in the scriptures. The Holy Spirit and you wife! God protected the Holy Spirit because He is a sensitive Spirit, so God said if you vex my spirit, I would be your enemy. The same way, God protected the wife because He said you should treat her gently so that your prayers will not be hindered.

    Jesus was also found protecting the Holy Spirit. Jesus said my blood will cleanse all sins in heaven and on earth, but the sin against the Holy Spirit will have no forgiveness. The same was Jesus Christ protected the woman. Right there on the cross, He told a disciple to make sure he takes care of his mother.

    The church is protecting the Holy Spirit. Paul wrote to the church and said, “Grieve not the Holy Spirit with whom you have been sealed!” The same way, He asked the men to treat their wives as unto weaker vessels. They are not weak vessels, but they are to be treated like that!

    This morning, as a man, as a husband and as a fiancé, here are a few ways you can take care of your wives/fiancees, because it is wisdom to do so! You don’t fight your help! It is not done!

    1. You should not leave your bedroom to sleep elsewhere
    There are things you do that have spiritual implications. One of such things you don’t do is to relocate from your bedroom to another room because of an issue! It is not a sign of maturity at all. You see, as the head of the house, leadership responsibility lies on you.

    One of the marks of leadership as a husband is to show your wife the way. When you teach her to go and sleep in another room at the slightest provocation, you are sowing seeds of separation. Those are things you don’t do! In contrast, for singles, you are not supposed to be in the same bedroom until marriage!

    2. You should not lift your hands against your wife
    Never beat up your wife! Don’t fight your helper. Don’t allow your wife to close up her spirit against you! A man that beats up his wife at the slightest provocation is not laying a good foundation for the home.

    Apart from the fact that you offend God by doing so, what kind of dented image do you think would have been tattooed in the mind of your son or daughter who witnesses you assaulting your wife? Sincerely, there is no reason whatsoever to that. You can restrain yourself and find a way to resolve issues without getting violent in your home.

    As singles, like I would usually say, if you are already coping with free slaps here and there, you should know what awaits you in marriage. You don’t ignore such weighty issues and walk blindly down the aisle with someone who is already molesting you in a way!

    3. You should not be insincere to her
    Be sincere to your wife! The seed of insincerity in your home will bring forth a harvest of more of such. Be sincere. Concerning Adam and Eve, the scripture says they were naked and not ashamed. It means they were open to each other, and communication is not impeded in any way!

    As singles, don’t cope with repeated insincerity in any way! It is not going to work like that! When he or she is being insincere repeatedly, it is an indication of deeper issues that will crop up later in marriage, so you don’t ignore such things!

    4. You should not be unfaithful to her
    Be faithful to your wife. That is what God himself advises in the book of Malachi. Take a look at it in Message Translation:
    Do you know why? Simple. Because God was there as a witness when you spoke your marriage vows to your young bride, and now you've broken those vows, broken the faith–bond with your vowed companion, your covenant wife. God, not you, made marriage. His Spirit inhabits even the smallest details of marriage. And what does he want from marriage? Children of God, that's what. So guard the spirit of marriage within you. Don't cheat on your spouse (Malachi 2:14-15 Message)

    As singles, why would you be in a relationship with someone who told you that out of all his girlfriends, you are the first on the list? What kind of affliction is that? Who is arranging and giving you numbers? You don’t go through that kind of harrowing experience as a single. Live with some dignity and don’t settle for less because you think nobody will show up! While you are thinking there are no good men again, you will come to discover that God still has seven thousand men who have not bowed to Baal!

    5. You should not stop wooing her
    This is the secret of a long lasting marriage. Continue to woo your wife! You see, whatever you did for her while you are courting her should be perpetuated. She wants to be wooed all day, all week, all month!

    Next to your devotion to God, what follows is how to make your spouse happy! May God grant more understanding!

    I will take care of my spouse or spouse-to-be


    Lord, teach me by your Spirit to identify the right person and to keep the one I find or have found.


    Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. (1 Peter 3:7 KJV)


    Pray in the Spirit concerning your relationship/marriage


    Feb 23: Num 1-2


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