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    Posted by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo Jan 21

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How fiancees and wives can respect their fiances and husbands


    This devotional is jointly written by Pastor Sophia and I.
    One of the major things that can stop God's blessing over people's lives and destiny is when couples are in strife and unforgiving attitude. Most of the time, the reason for strife, malice, hurt and unforgiving spirit seem very justifiable.
    I will be writing directly to wives, but singles can glean these principles and start applying them to their lives and relationships to see areas where adjustments and changes might be needed.
    The wife may go like ' he is just too insensitive to me'. ' He is uncaring'. ' His actions proves he doesn't love me'. ' He doesn't have time or value for family time, he prefers his work and friends'. ' He is just too selfish '. And the list goes on and on.
    An understanding of how to love your husband from his own point of view will automatically make your husband respond to you in love. Wives, don't forget you got to love with a 'blue' glasses on. Most time we love with our 'pink' glasses on.
    To men and particularly to your husband, love is spelt respect.
    If you want to keep and retain God's blessings and see your heaven open over your family, you have to understand what respect is to your husband and how to respect him.
    You can't undo the fact that love means respect to men. You need to seek out what respect is to your husband. As wives you need to learn the 'How'. Some ladies stubbornly hold on to their own opinions, and foolishly feel they are entitled to their own viewpoint, this is always to their detriment.
    God desires and requires that we be meek and teachable. Don't always expect everyone to accommodate you, all of the time. Some ladies (husbands too) say things like, ' this is me, you have to accept me for who l am'. Well, yes, we need to be accepted but not when we are in a wrong attitude or doing what is hurting others.
    Learning how to respect your husband is one way to fight for your marriage and keep the blessing coming and your heavens open.
    1. Respect his desire to work
    Every man is created to work and achieve something in life. As a wife, you have to respect this and help him achieve this. Appreciate his work. Celebrate his achievements, no matter how little it seems. Offer assistance and encouraging words. Show concern for what he does.
    Know as much as you can about your husband's work. Be interested. Give support when his work is taking more time and you have to sacrifice family or personal finance, time or energy.
    As singles, preparing for marriage, do you understand the nature of his work?
    2. Respect his authority and his desire to lead
    You must see your husband as the boss. The 'Oga at the top!' He is the chairman, the CEO. The brain box. You got to let him know you know that he is in charge and you are not ready to compete with him.
    Some ladies grew up wild and independent. They grew up challenging authority figures and being highly opinionated. Well, they may do well in their career, but on the home front, am sorry o.
    They need to remove the CEO cap and become gentle in order to keep their homes. Let your husband be in charge, don't take decisions without taking him along, no matter how little.
    Even with the children. Let them know that if daddy says No, then No it is, except he changes his mind, which you can influence.
    This does not mean a lady should no think. They should think together, plan together and take actions together. There must be the principle of inclusion.
    As singles, you are not yet married, and so his authority in courtship is still limited. For example, he cannot insist on jeru trap and you say you want to submit! That is not what where are talking about.
    Submission must line up with God's word and must not contradict God's word. You cannot please a lover at the expense of God, It cannot work that way.
    3. Respect his desire to provide
    Your husband is meant to be the provider. He is the hunter. Let him hunt and bring home the spoil. Most wives these days work and earn more than their husbands. Most ladies apart from their salaries also do some selling by the side. Not with standing you must learn to respect the fact that he is still the provider.
    Don't make your husband have to beg you for money. He is already dealing with the crushing feeling of not earning enough to take care of the family. Don't rub it in by making it obvious you are the money bag.
    Don't just spend 'your' money to buy stuffs, get your husband involved. You know up till now, I prefer my husband to buy stuffs for me or at least let him know when I want to buy things.
    There must be a lot of wisdom here, and husbands should be secure to release their wives to get to the top. Wives should be sensitive to still defer to their husband irrespective of their earning powers.
    This makes the home to be peaceful.
    However, if your husband is a careless spender, then you both need to sit down and draw a budget for the family. Also, there could be some husbands who are not responsible, almost abdicating headship of the house to the wives. This category of husbands need urgent counselling.
    I will be stopping here today and we will continue tomorrow by God's grace!
    To be continued tomorrow.

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    I will respect my husband


    Lord, give me the grace to be a good spouse

    Eph 5:22 (KJV)  Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

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