After these forty days, what next?

  • By Pastor Sophia
    God is so good. His Mercies endure the forever. God as faithfully brought us to the end of our 40 days fast. Glory to God for grace and strength.
    Thank God, He called a fast but thanks much more that we can hear what He is saying and we can obey. When God gives such instructions, it is because there are strange things He wants to do.
    In the mighty name of Jesus you and I will testify of God's greatness in our lives.
    There is waiting on God and there is waiting for God. Waiting on God is what we just concluded when we had our 40-day fast. After every waiting on God we also need to also wait for God.
    Isa 64:4
    For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him.
    We are so so grateful to God for His grace and mercies. It was a great time yesterday as we gathered together in wild praise and worship unto our most high God who has brought us to see the end of the period.
    God's glory was sure present and filled the temple.
    Get ready for amazing things in righteousness. God is already and will continue to show Himself strong on our behalf. Keep trusting and looking up to Him. Our time of waiting on Him is not a waste. God is too good and faithful to call the house of SGC & KHC to seek Him in vain. His holiness and righteousness will not permit that.
    We have waited on Him, now is the time to wait for Him. Waiting for the 'how' and 'when' of His mighty deliverance in our lives and situations.
    Like Abram, we need to be strong in faith giving glory to God and putting His words on our lips. This is what activates our angels, now that our heavens are opened.
    The are glorious and strange things God has prepared for us, so it is only those who learn how to wait for God. You have prayed, now relax and see the salvation of your God. God is still the boss here and you have to allow Him to do things in His own way and time. Never run ahead of God. May you not lose your miracle in Jesus name.
    Thee are a few things we need to do as we wait for God till our testimony and breakthrough becomes a reality.
    1. Keep your relationship with God intact
    God is still the one that will show himself strong on your behalf and you need to stay close to Him. Keep reading your bible daily. Meditate on God's word, His promises and whatever word He has given you. God's word in your heart will give you inner strength like Sarah to conceive and deliver the miracle. God's word will keep you calm, peaceful and strong while waiting for the fulfillment of His word. God's word is your only source of faith, so don't stop reading it.
    2. Keep serving God.
    After fasting, it is not the time to stop serving God in your local assembly. In fact now, now is the time to serve him more. Get busy for God. Some of us, our long awaited miracle will meet us while serving God like it happened for Zechariah who was very old and without a child.
    3. Keep declaring God's word.
    This so crucial. You can't claim you have an opened heaven and have a closed mouth. You have to speak in faith what God has promised you He will do. Words brings our expectations to manifestation. You can use the daily declaration on our prayer site. As you keep speaking Gods word, faith is built up in you and you activate angles to keep working on your behalf.
    In fact, Pastor has said there will be diffrent declarations for everyday for as long as possible. Keep using them daily and declare them as often as you can.
    4. Maintain a grateful attitude.
    Thanksgiving, praise and worship are all part of the deal. You have to keep your praise up. If the devil can't steal your praise, he can't have your goods. Watch out, there will be attempts in the physical to keep you complaining, but don't give in. Don't allow anyone to steal your joy.
    Remember the joy of the Lord is your strength and that joy is full of glory. Keep thanking God and rejoicing because God's credit is good with us. If we praise him before the reality of the testimony, we will surely praise Him again because the testimony will manifest.
    5. Listen for specific instructions and do them.
    God's instructions are very powerful. Watch out for God's leading. Little tugging of the Spirit to do certain things or to stop certain things. They are all working things out for the fulfilling of God's promises over your life. You may need to drop certain ungodly habits or relationships. Remember, whatever He asks you to do, do it.
    6. Keep sowing your seed.
    Your seed will secure and establish your testimony. Don't get weary in well doing and seed sowing. Give out of your abundance and out of your scarcity.
    Keep sowing and your heavens will remain opened in Jesus Name.
    Your seed will pull unimaginable breakthroughs towards you!
    Good morning and have a blessed week ahead.

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    I will not be weary


    Lord, perfect all that concerns me

    Gal 6:9 (KJV)  
    And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

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