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    Posted by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo January 22, 2015


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The Melancholy: Strengths, Weaknesses and Jeru Trip


    Deep and thoughtful, Analytical, Serious and purposeful, Genius prone, Talented, Creative, Artistic, Musical,

    Philosophical, Poetic, Appreciative of beauty, Sensitive to others, Self-sacrificing, Conscientious, Idealistic

    As a Parent
    Sets high standards, Wants everything done right, Keeps home in good order, Attentive to children, Sacrifices own will for others, Encourages scholarship and talent

    At Work
    Schedule oriented, Perfectionist, high standards, Detail conscious, Persistent and thorough, Orderly and organized, Neat and tidy, Economical, Sees the problems, Finds creative solutions, Needs to finish what he starts, Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists

    As a Friend
    Makes friends cautiously, Content to stay in background, Avoids causing attention, Faithful and devoted, Will listen to complaints, Can solve other's problems, Deep concern for other people
    Moved to tears with compassion, Seeks ideal mate


    Remembers the negatives, Moody and depressed, Enjoys being hurt, Has false humility, Off in another world, Low self-image, Has selective hearing, Self-centered, Too introspective, Guilt feelings, Persecution complex, Tends to hypochondria

    As A Parent
    Puts goals beyond reach, May discourage children, May be too meticulous, Becomes martyr, Sulks over disagreements, Puts guilt upon children

    The Melancholy at Work
    Not people oriented, Depressed over imperfections, Chooses difficult work, Hesitant to start projects, Spends too much time planning, Prefers analysis to work, Self-deprecating, Hard to please, Standards often to high, Deep need for approval

    The Melancholy as a Friend
    Lives through others, Insecure socially, Withdrawn and remote, critical of others, Holds back affections, Dislikes those in opposition, Suspicious of people, Antagonistic and vengeful, Unforgiving, Full of contradictions, Skeptical of compliments

    Melancholy Husband and Jeru Trip

    1. If his wife is exciting and very expressive, the marriage will work out fine.
    2. An unfulfilled Jeru Trip life can make him very unhappy and depressed.
    3. He finds it difficult to seek counseling. He waits till the marriage is almost destroyed.
    4. He is able to express true love than other temperaments
    5. He is a loyal and faithful husband
    6. He is very romantic
    7. He learns quickly and pleases his wife
    8. Little things turn him off
    9. His wife’s lack of response is seen as rejection

    Melancholy Wife and Jeru Trip

    1. She could be religious about Jeru Trip

    2. For her, quality is better than quantity
    3. Her moods are obvious
    4. She is highly interested in Jeru Trip when she wants to get pregnant
    5. She can often give Jeru Trip as a reward for good behaviour

    Melancholy Single Lady

    1. She is gifted and brilliant but she believes she is inadequate.
    2. She has a low self esteem of herself, which may drive her into offering Jeru Trip to anybody to get love.
    3. She is very prone to depression and may only have few friends
    4. She often believes she is not beautiful while in reality, she is.

    Melancholy Single Guy

    1. He will often bury himself in reading or learning an art or a musical instrument.
    2. He is multi-talented and often very confused about what he wants to do
    3. He is also given to depression and moods.
    4. He has negative thought patterns and often worries whether anybody will marry him

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    My temperament will not be a hindrance


    Lord, help me to have a Spirit filled temperament

    Mat 5:7 (KJV)  
    Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

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    Proverbs 4-6

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