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When you truly love a man, these are the things you do Part 3

  • How are you today?

 God bless you! KHC Partners, you are blessed today!
    The devil is a liar over your life. All his plans and antics over your life will come to nought. All negative suggestions will be disappointed. All the attacks he is bringing to your mind will be annulled. 

Your God ordained relationship will not suffer mishap. Your marriage will endure. What you are going through is a passing phase and not a parking space. This one too shall pass!

    One day, you will wake up smiling and rejoice and you will say, “And it came to pass!”
    Refuse to back out on God. Keep your faith on high gear and God will surely come through for you.
    Today, we continue with our series on “When you truly love a man, these are the things you do.”
    Today we are looking at The Romantic Part!
    This one is interesting, isn’t it?
    Now, let’s begin with singles before we talk to the married.
    Now, the advice for singles actually is to be romantic without getting physical in any way.

You can be romantic by ending your conversations with your fiance with “I love you, dear!”
    There is nothing sinful in that. 

I have had some guys complain to me that their fiancees are so unromantic. And I usually tell them, it will get better with time. You can teach her what you want or like.
    What I need to say to this generation however is not that they should be romantic, it is that they should calm down!
    Minimise touching each other too much, lying down on each other and avoid kissing and petting. If you keep doing that, the devil will trap you one day. 

There is a point in which passion and lust overtakes and rubbishes verbal commitments you have made. You really do not want to cross that line. Nothing nice on that side of divide.
    You see, the wiring of guys is different from that of ladies and this is what all ladies need to understand.
    When you keep touching him, looking at his eyes like you want to melt, resting on him, stroking his head, and all that, what you don't know is that his body is literally burning, and he is exercising every restrain not to do what he feels like doing.
    A lady doesn't feel this way all the time. Her arousal is not as quick as that of a man, so she uses her own body system to weigh the extent to which they can go, but the guy is actually “suffering!”

If you do all of that with him and yet he refuses to touch, kiss, and smooch, then he is really matured about it.
    But that should never be taken for granted, because when you do all of that for him in his weak moments or when he is emotionally down, it can lead to the beginning of years of agony and guilt.

At the end of the day, you will know it is wise to just be temperate in all things.

 When he feels like touching you, that is the devil trying to set you up both of you, but when you are the one touching a guy, you are the one tempting the devil!
    A lady sees touching a guy amorously as romantic, but a guy sees it as calling for jeru trip. That is due to his body system, his wiring and his dominant thoughts. 

He is ready for jeru trip in less that ten seconds. For a lady, it takes an average of twenty minutes, so you don't use what us going on in your body to judge the the situation when you are alone. 

    You are praying together. In the heat of that prayer, under strong anointing, you hold his hand lovingly and say “Let’s agree together,” and something moves in his body! That is the way it is and you need to understand that!
    So, my advice goes to ladies, to stop interpreting being romantic as touching, kissing and all that. Stop putting pressures on him because he has enough pressures just by looking at you.
    Taking a peep at your cleavage sends his blood rushing, it doesn’t matter if he just descended from the throne of God!

 Looking at your backside creates a wave of desire. He is a moved by what he sees!
    You see, a lot of young folk have made a shipwreck of their faith by not understanding this fact. Because you just prayed together, you now pass the night in his room? You are playing with fire!
    You don't put fire in your bosom think everything will be okay!
    Pro 6:27 (KJV)  
    Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?
    After your wedding, you can do all you have always wanted to do, so wait till that time. Teach him to wait, do not teach him to get what he wants all the time, or else he will be unable to wait even for you whenever you are not around.
    To the married folk, the advice is that you should be as romantic as you can every second of your life.
    Do not allow the pressure of raising kids, domestic responsibilities and work to steal this precious connection between you and your spouse.
    Kiss each other at every opportunity. Touch each other at every opportunity.
    When I am driving, I so much love it when my wife touches my head! So when she forgets, I help her lift the hand and put it behind my head!

    There is something your spouse likes so much, which is the definition of being romantic for him or her. Ask questions and seek to satisfy each other.
    There is nobody that is frigid in bed, maybe he is not just romantic enough!
    Your spouse’s idea of being romantic is not your decision, it is your discovery, It is not about your efforts, it is about what he/she really wants. So find out.
    Find out your husband’s love language, and do it. That is being romantic!
    Find out what he wants to eat, not what you feel like eating.
    Prepare his kind of stew. He will love you more. Serve him yourself and serve him first! 

Never serve his friends or guests first. Make him feel like a king. Respect him. That could just be all he wants.
    Just find out, because his idea of being romantic may be miles apart from yours. This is where communication becomes important.
    Too much silence in marriage will lead to serious issues. You should be talking, chatting, and excited.
    There is a little boy in every man. It doesn't matter if he is a CEO or a Senior Pastor. Tickle that little boy. Bring that little boy out of him. Make him giggle. You will be amazed.

    Don't let him get all of that from one strange, distorted and distracted girl in his office. Make him laugh at home. Don't be stiff, rigid, unforgiving and bitter. Be quick to let go and protect your marriage!

    Rub his head. Stoke his beards. Finger his mustache. He will be looking forward to it. He will want too be around you all the time.
    Stop being distant and sulking all the time. Get in the groove with him. Watch his favourite club play football together and learn some of those names. When his club is losing, that is not the time to talk about how expensive Tomatoes are in the market.
    Understand timings and seasons and appropriateness of conversation.

When you are in bed, go ahead and initiate jeru trip sometimes, Climb him and taunt him. He loves it!
    Stop speaking in tongues when you are in bed and you know what he wants. You should have done that before! As he is throwing the ball, be catching it. He will love you more!

    I can go on and on, but I will have to stop here.
    My God will help you in your relationship/marriage. God will teach how to keep him and not lose him. 

It is well.

    For singles, I pray for you, your relationship will not be scattered. For those trusting God for a spouse, God will orchestrate your steps and make things work out for you beautifully in Jesus name.

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    I am not hasty.


    Lord, teach me to wait for your plan

    Isa 40:31 (MSG)  But those who wait upon GOD get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don't get tired, they walk and don't lag behind.

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