God is not through with you yet

  • Today is the sixth day of seven days of Amazing Grace! We will be rounding off the fasting and prayers tomorrow.
    While we are praying at SGC, Ibadan yesterday, God spoke to me about how to end the fast!

 We will be having a seven-hour prayer time, and all we’ll be doing is praying in the Spirit. The time is 9.00am to 4.00pm!
    Seven hours of speaking in other tongues! That would be on Thursday, 7th of July. And wow, I am just seeing this trend as I write now; we will be speaking in tongues for seven hours on the seventh day of the seventh month!

    Wow! God wants to perfect some things in your life and on KHC & SGC.

If your work permits and you are free on that day, then you should join us in those hours across the world.

 God is getting ready to do some awesome and terrible things in righteousness. Your life will never remain the same again.

On that day, nobody is raising any prayer points or interrupting. Prayer guides will be projected. On our prayer site as well, the guides will be there for you to use from anywhere in the world. Watch out for the link tomorrow morning.
    You might have attended some long hours of praise, but now is the time for seven hours of praying in the Holy Ghost!
    Your life, relationship, marriage finances and more can never remain the same again. Watch out!
    But Pastor, I have never done that before!

    That is okay, because I have only done it once myself and what followed cannot be put into words.
    I once heard a man of God says that there are some things that are birthed and done when you pray in the Holy Ghost beyond four hours!

    You see, when you are getting ready to enter realms you have not entered before, God will often demand from you to do certain things you have never done before. 

Get ready!
    I sense a revival on KHC and SGC! I sense a turning around of captivities. I sense age long issues being resolved. I sense stubborn problems melting away in the presence of Jehovah!
    Get ready to ride into the very heaven. Get ready to go boldly into the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need.
    As we pray in the Holy Ghost together around the world, watch of certain instructions that would come. This instructions would solve the issues in your life in one swoop!

Why are we going to be praying in the Holy Ghost?
    I do not know, but that was God’s instructions that came yesterday, and if you know me, I will always want to obey God to the letter, for therein lies the key to moving to the next level in God.
    But I do know that when you are praying in the Holy Ghost, what you are doing is generating power!

    God wants you to get ready for what He is about to do. God wants you to access some realms you have not touched before!
    Jud 1:20 (KJV)  

    But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,

 God wants you built up in readiness for what is coming!
    It says “building up yourselves!”
    How I love the Amplified Version!
    Jud 1:20 (AMP)  
    But you, beloved, build yourselves up [ founded ] on your most holy faith [ make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher ], praying in the Holy Spirit;
    Yes, you are born again, yes you are God’s child, but you need to make progress. It is time for you to rise like an edifice higher and higher, by praying in the Holy Ghost!
    Do you need progress?
    What is the definition of progress for you right now? Is it wedding? Academic pursuit? Business success? Travelling out of the country? Citizenship status? Fruit of the womb? Financial breakthrough? 

    Whatever it is, you can make progress therein. You can manufacture progress by speaking in tongues. There may be nothing that looks like progress in your life, but you can make progress, you can manufacture it, you can birth it as we pray in the Holy Ghost.
    This even becomes powerful when you know God is instructing this, there is something God is up to!

    After our forty days fast, unbelievable miracles broke forth all over the world among our members. Even now, there are more miracles being cooked for you and more supernatural interventions are getting ready to be unleashed right now.
    On KHC and SGC, in the last week of the fast, we got a tent supernaturally without paying a dime and that tent is valued at 8.5 Million! We got a land and successfully paid the first installment, total of which is over 5 Million Naira! And God is helping us gradually as the tent is being mounted even as we speak. God just keeps providing supernaturally!
    And yes, right before us KHC Event Center is becoming a reality! There are still many bridges to cross, many millions to still trust God for before Camp-Meeting to put it into shape, but we already crossed those bridges in our mind, it is as good as done and completed, for our hands that have started this will also complete it!
    This is the heritage we have and that you belong to, dear KHCites! It a heritage of help and God's favour, a heritage of doing things that are beyond you effortlessly because God is with you!
    And this same grace and strength is available for you, even in your individual life because you belong to this mandate! On this rock, I stand and proclaim unto you, my God will help you!
    Yes, on KHC and SGC, we are going to see God’s help like never before! Now, I write as by the Spirit of God and I pour forth the words prophetically!

    Yes, on KHC and SGC, we will see the hand of the Lord for good in our lives as individuals and as a community!

    Yes, on KHC and SGC, we will see angelic interventions, we will see supernatural occurrences, and we will see things that can only be by God.
    Yes, on KHC and SGC, your life will be an example of only what God can do and man cannot achieve.
    Yes, on KHC and SGC, God will showcase His power in your life, to confound the wise and the seemingly strong, that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong.
    Yes, on KHC and SGC, God is about to add speed into your life, such that those who seemed to have gone ahead of you will be left behind.
    Did the hand of the Lord not come upon Elijah and he outran the chariots of Ahab?
    Yes, on KHC and SGC, age long battles are ended, warfares are suspended, and peace is about to surround your relationships and marriage!
    Yes, on KHC and SGC, knotty issues, puzzles, enigmas, monster and hydra-headed problems will be disgraced and shamed!

    Yes, on KHC and SGC, undebatable help, unexplainable help, help that cannot be articulated sufficiently with any vocabulary will show up for you.
    Thus saith the Spirit of the living God,
    Get ready people of God!

    If you will not be able to join because of work, don't feel guilty about that, join when you can and God will have mercy on you!
    But if you are free on that day, suspend every personal fun and let’s get into some realms together.
    That day is not time for cinema, or some outings on the beach, it is time to pay the price for your destiny!

    You will surely see the hand of the Lord for good!

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    I make progress

    Lord, teach me wait on you

    Jud 1:20 (GW)  
    Dear friends, use your most holy faith to grow. Pray with the Holy Spirit's help.

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    1 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 18

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