Answers to Fifty questions on relationship, life and marriage

  • Yesterday, we looked at some thought provoking questions. Let’s attempt to answer some of these questions in the light of God’s word

    1. How many people are you dating?
    I am sure you already know this is not the best for you. It is not even the good for you. I have said this over and over again, that dating more than one person at a time is simply rehearsal for adultery. It takes the same heart. It is not scriptural, at the root of it lies faithlessness in God and some form of deception and falsehood. These combinations will impede progress. It is better learnt than experienced.

    2. Do you truly love the person you profess love to?
    Never profess your love for someone you don’t really love because of what you are going to get from that person. That would be training your heart and lips in the art of telling lies. That is something a child of God should not do. It is more or less living a double life, professing and at the same time detesting that which your profess. Do not create confusion for your emotions.

    3. Have you forgiven all who abused and used you in the past?
    Yes, most people have this comma in their sentence, and you are not alone. You cannot undo them, you cannot rewind, but you can move on.

    Childhood abuses can be very traumatic, causing hidden fears and tears, nightmares and emotional hangovers, resentment for the opposite sex and sometimes meting out punishments on the innocent spouse of the offences committed by someone many years ago.

    The way forward is to forgive and forgive quickly, irrespective of the offenses committed. Without forgiveness, your predator is still in charge of your emotions even though the events were in the dateless past. You conquer your predator and move forward in life with the power of forgiveness.

    4. Are you holding your parents in unforgiving spirit?
    Most people are not the best of friends with their parents for one reason or the other.

    Your parents are your access points into this world. They are your care taker and care giver. They took care of you when you couldn’t talk or move. Your mum provided a haven for you for nine months and you eat form the same food she eat. She did not abort you and she did not waste your destiny via menstrual flow. The bonding you have with them is to strong for you to say you want to disconnect with them. It is perhaps too late!

    Quarreling with them and distancing yourself from them will cause a spiritual imbalance for you. God Himself said they are to be honored. Period. So whatever they have done, and this is not about who is wrong or who is right, just go ahead and apologize to them.

    5. Are you still habitually hooked to masturbation and pornography?
    It is not even only about masturbation and pornography alone, it is about any of those destructive habits. You have to make up your mind. I had to make up my mind many years ago as a twenty five year old single guy in the university on the issues of masturbation.

    The scripture says that sin shall not have dominion over you. That was emphatically stated. The implication then is that you are not subservient in any way to the grip of iniquity. Whatever you have done has been done by your full cooperation.

    The reality is that whenever you sin or you disobey, some thing or some aspect of you dies, because the wages of sin is death.
    Already, the economy is in a bad state, the environment is harsh, the government is insensitive, the world is full of wicked men, and to add all of that to the grim consequences of sin and disobedience will be too much weight for you to bear and that would be unfair to your destiny.

    You will do good to yourself by making up your mind to clean up and to do all you have to do God’s way.
    At the end of that day, you will come to understand that the way of the transgressor is hard and filled with struggles, but righteousness exalts.

    I will stop here this morning, because I want you to ponder on all these, a little at a time. The goal here is not read hurriedly but to allow the life in the word to settle in your spirit and bring you to a life changing encounter with God.

    My God will help you in specific ways that you need Him. God will remove every hindrance and obstructions on your way and that which has been a point of weeping and regret, God will bring laughter out of it in Jesus name!

    It is well with you. God loves you and wants a vital relationship with you. He is waiting for you to come unto Him that He might make your life a showcase to others that whosoever serves God will never lose or regret!

    You will not lose! You will not regret! So shall it be in Jesus name!

    Good Morning! Your day is blessed!

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    Lord, teach me your wisdom that I may live

    Galatians 3:26
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