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Daddy Adeboye’s Advice Concerning Cooking, Prayers, Joblessness

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    There is a trending video by Daddy Adeboye where he said you should not marry a lady who doesn't know how to cook.
    On the surface, it sounds harsh, but I stand by what Daddy G.O said o!
    You see, as a counsellor, I know how many marriages have crashed because of this cooking issue.
    A lady just must know how to cook!
    I have had to settle an issue where the husband sent the woman out of the house after one week of wedding! On this cooking wahala!
    He also said a lady should know how to pray for at least one hour.
    Very important o!
    If you marry a praying wife, you are blessed!
    Your children are blessed!

    He also advised ladies not to marry jobless men.
    But pastor, my fiancé does not have a job yet!

    You see there is a difference between a guy actively looking for a job and a man who is out rightly lazy and doesn't want to work.
    You should discern between the two.

You can be out of job but never be out of work.
    A man who claims to be jobless and stays in the home all day doing nothing but sleeping, playing games and watching videos is really out of job and out of work.
    If you marry such a man, you are on your own!
    It is another story if he is making serious efforts, but just that the job hasn't come yet. That is different from a man who is not even lifting a finger but always asking for money from the lady. That is irresponsibility.
    You may be out of job presently, but the reality is that you can find work for yourself even if it has to be without pay initially.
    Back to the cooking thing, ladies must know how to cook o!
    Seriously, like Daddy G.O said.
    I am sure all KHC ladies know how to cook! Pastor Sophia knows how to cook o! So, na who you wan take am resemble?
    If you don’t know how to cook, go and learn!

 You can learn how to cook well in a matter of weeks, if you are dedicated to it.
    It is something else entirely if you are lazy at cooking.
 If that is the case, it is something you should deal with because it will affect your marriage.
    The new husband might cope with noodles, bread and butter, corn flakes, meat pies, eating out for a while, but after a while he is going to get tired.
    In the present day reality, we have both husband and wife working all day. Both come back tired and they might actually need some help.
    The husband also needs to help in that case! Both of you are career couple and you are both tired. The average woman is no longer a housewife, in fact, more women are earning more than there husbands these days.
    In that event, it is not out of order that the husband should help out in the kitchen, but on no account should the lady abdicate responsibility and hand over everything to the husband.
    That would be taking him for granted and it would soon backfire.
    As a wife, you should also not hand over the kitchen department to your crude but pretty househelp.
    That can really be dangerous! Serve your husband yourself no matter how tired you are, or let him serve himself in those few times.
    When a househelp dishes and serves your husband continually, you are playing with fire o!
    It even gets worse when you are not always at home! The blood of Jesus!
    It is one thing for the devil to tempt us, it is another thing when you are tempting the devil.
    Baseline, marry somebody who is hardworking, man or woman.
    Marriage with a lazy person is like getting intertwined with affliction that will last long. Marriage comes with pressures, enough pressure to make the wedding day memories fizzle away.
    To add to that pressure, the affliction of a non cooking wife, a jobless man, a prayerless spouse and a lazy spouse can be too overwhelming for any human being.
    Laziness do not disappear in one day.
    The issues of joblessness, laziness, cooking and prayerlessness that Daddy G.O addressed are so very important o!
    Dear family of KHC, dear KHC of the Lord, dearest KHCites, take heed to these things, for if you do, you will avoid unnecessary heartaches.
    As ladies, get comfortable with the kitchen environment. A lady must know how to cook if you want to keep your home.
    Cooking is not a gift, it is something you learn.
    Not knowing how to cook or being lazy at cooking has caused and has led many into adultery o! I can tell you categorically as a counsellor.
    Not being a prayerful person, husband or wife, has led to marriage crashes!
    Not being hardworking, very lazy and laid back has brought untold agony and heartaches into families as well.
    Pro 15:19 (KJV)  
    The way of the slothful man is as an hedge of thorns: but the way of the righteous is made plain.
    However, on KHC, we do not advocate that a single lady go and spend weekend with a guy just because you want to prove you can cook or you are hardworking.
    Cooking before you are hooked can lead to serious issues o, you can ask Tamar!
    Men of KHC, be hardworking, even if you are out of job now. Trust God, be financially responsible with the little you have and God will set you over much.
    Be a tither with whatever comes unto you, and God will bless you!

    Ladies, look beyond the present pocket of a man, follow God, but also submit yourself for counselling.
    Counselling will help to sort out practical things like jobs, house and other things like that.
    Love may be blind, but marriage is anointed to open the eyes.
    May God grant us more understanding in every area.
    You will not miss it, you will not be confused.
    For those that are married, God will surround you with His mercy. Every storm will be stilled in Jesus name!
    For ladies who do not truly know how to cook and you are also disinterested, ask God to help you and give you wisdom. The Holy Spirit can teach you all things and can have that desire back in you.
    For guys who are out of job, look for work to do, and stay afloat, do not allow depression to set in, find something to do, and from there, doors will open. Get your CVs out there and pray for mercy and favour.
    For ladies or guys who cannot pray, start today, don't wait till tomorrow. You must know how to pray! For your marriage to be successful, for your to raise godly children, for you to live long, you have to be able to pray! Both of you! And it starts now!
    God will help us all.
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    I am hardworking. I am creative

    Lord, give me the very wisodm I need now

    Pro 15:19 (MSG)  
    The path of lazy people is overgrown with briers; the diligent walk down a smooth road.

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