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My rose and my lily; the perfect combinations of a true love

  • Son 2:1 (KJV)  

    I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

    There are two realms of explanation that can be applied as the Holy Spirit is showing me from this verse. And we are going to look at the two together.
    I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.
    Most theologians ascribe this statement to Christ.

    But my wife is also my rose of my sharon and the lily of my valleys. 

    Even so, the one you call your loved ought to be your rose of sharon and the lily of your valleys, or else, he or she may not be qualified to attain the lofty position of a godly spouse.
    Being a husband or wife is a great assignment.
    This burns the truth in us further, that without the spiritual taken care of, the physical would turn out to be a mess at the end of the day.

    If Jesus is not your rose of Sharon first and the lily of your valleys, you might never be able to truly find your rose of sharon.
    Jesus is the rose in your heart, your lover is the rose in your home.
    Of all the flowers that God made, the rose stands out. It is the loveliest and the sweetest.
    The loveliest and the sweetest thing that can ever happen to you is to have Jesus in your heart, with His knowledge growing daily in your heart like a rose.

    And the loveliest and the sweetest thing that can ever happen to you is to find your true rose!
    Jesus is the rose of Sharon.
    Not roses.
    Another rose would not be Jesus, and you cannot replace Jesus with any other thing.
    You are not to fall in love with more than one person, for that would be dealing with two many roses at a time. 

    It is just one Jesus, even so, it is just one lover.

    There are three things about the rose.
    1. The shape
    2. The colour
3. The fragrance
    The shape of Jesus in your heart, His image that is tattooed in your heart is every important. We behold Him as in a mirror, when we go into God’s word, and we are changed into this image.
    The rose of Sharon, as it grows in our hearts, shapes our lives into what He wants us to be. 

    Back to the carnal, the shape of your lover, his or her appearance matters a lot. You don't want to live with a rose that you detest all your life.

    God will never lead you to a rose that you loathe. He is an intelligent God, He is not an author of confusion and He will never ask you to marry somebody you hate.
    Physical appearance does matter. It will help you focus and concentrate on serving God better when you marry somebody you perceive as handsome or beautiful. 

    Then of course is the colour of the rose.
    Colours are derived from inner pigments. Colours are outward manifestation of that which lies within.
    As you embrace the rose of Sharon, as you daily sit at His feet and learn, He adds colour and favour to your life. 

    What exactly is the colour of rose? They come in a variety of beautiful colours. So, it is the colour you paint in your heart with His word that becomes visible to the outer world.
    By the word, the world is framed!

    The colour of your destiny has a lot of to do with a deep colouring experience from God as you daily learn to study His word and pray in the Spirit.
    Even so, in the physical, avoid getting entangled with a lover with a colourless destiny.
    He has no Christ, he doesn't go to church, he doesn't pay tithe, he has no covenant understanding, she never reads her Bible, always posting to Instagram without posting to her inner man, she has no regard for God.
    That is the wrong rose.
Devoid of colour, a dullness of no small stature awaits the one that embraces a colourless destiny, for the little colour he has before becomes dulled and stained as it were!

    Finally, we talk of the fragrance of the rose.

The sweet scent of the rose, that fills the air!

Fresh breath of air that comes with a righteous lifestyle.

    As you interface with Christ, your smell becomes like the smell of Lebanon and wherever you go, people want to favour you.
    He that findeth a wife (rose) obtains favour from the Lord.
    When you find the right rose in a spouse, you will know the experience of scattering blessings continually, pouring forth his treasures to enrich the air, and to give you pleasure and ecstasy, filling the sky with balmy breath, spending himself to do you good, and to make you glad.
    The wrong rose comes with the wrong fragrance, the fragrance of alcohol, of smoke, and of a life ridden with iniquity. Fragrance of lies, deceit and a life devoid of integrity.
    Beware of such roses that are actually thorns.
    There is a world of difference between a rosy lover and thorny lover.
    One refreshes unto strength, the other pricks until blood flows.
    One lays hands on you to pray for you in the morning, the other lay hands on you till your nose is bloodied in physical abuse.
    You can only find the true rose as you seek to know to know more the Rose of Sharon!

    The second part of the verse says, I am the lily of the Valleys.

    Valleys can often represent those unpleasant times of test and trials. Jesus says I am your architectural design right in the midst of the valley experience.
    I will strengthen you. I will stay with you.
    That is the mark of a true lily.
    The wrong lily will leave you in the cold when a little thing seems to have gone wrong.
    Beware of lilies full of lies, who will only fraternise with you when things look fine, but which will whittle away in just a little shining of the sun that comes with heat.
    These wrong lilies cannot withstand the heat with you.
    They have no spiritual stamina. They are not born again. They don't know how to speak in tongue. They will not last. 

    That is why Amplified version of the Bible says
    Son 2:1 (AMP)  

    I am only a little rose or autumn crocus of the plain of Sharon, or a [ humble ] lily of the valleys [ that grows in deep and difficult places ].
    Jesus is the lily that grows in deep and difficult places. He will be right there with you if His word has grown in you.
    Nothing will ever subdue or overcome the word.
    He will never fail you.

    A man or woman who has not been with Jesus will not know what it means to love you when you are in the valley.
    There are lilies and there are lilies, but there is a lily in the valley.
    When you find that one lily, it makes your world go round.
    He or she loves you for who you are, not for what you have or how you look alone.
    If the Rose of Sharon lives in you, if the lily of the Valley grows in you, you will know the true rose and lily for your life, you will fit together like a framed picture of a beautiful set of flowers adorning the house of the Lord!
    And for those who have chosen roses and lilies already, and it looks like the rose lacks fragrance, the lily is broken, you can re cultivate in God. Hope is never lost in God. There is a balm of Gilead that can bring healing where no man can reach! That marriage can be fixed, and a true rose and lily will emerge.
    And there may be roses that have been crushed and trampled by wicked men in tales of sexual abuse and compromise, I tell you this morning, hope is not lost. You can be revived and your colour can still come alive.
    If men say you have been abused, they may be right, but if they say you can never be fixed, they are dead wrong. Tell them to ask Rahab. Tell them to talk to Bathsheba.
    Good morning!

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    I will not be colourless

    Lord, give me a true colour in my destiny

    Son 2:1 (GW)  I am a rose of Sharon, a lily growing in the valleys.


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