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The moment your praise becomes a sacrifice

  • Sacrifice of Praise
    By Pastor Sophia
    Today is the very first Sunday in the month of September to Remember, the month of birth.
    May the greatness that God has prepared for us be manifested in Jesus name. The first Sunday at SGC is usually our thanksgiving Sunday, where we thank God for the previous month and thankfully expect His goodness in the new month.
    In our thanks giving service we will be talking about the sacrifice of Praise. From the first day of this month we have began thanking, praising and worshipping God because He asked us to do so.
    When God particularly instruct you to praise Him, it's a privilege because that means He has something definite and mighty He wants to do. Praise usually goes before God's mighty acts. May you see His mighty ways as we offer sacrifice of praise unto our mighty God.
    It's a powerful place to be when you forget the bigness of your issue and focus on the Mightiness of God. Instead of being agitated, anxious or worried ,you declare that our God is faithful, He is good and His Mercies endure the for ever.
    Usually, when we get to points in our lives when we know we cannot help ourselves, the arm of flesh has failed us, and we cannot move forward except God helps us, that is the best time to praise Him.
    It's a sacrifice of praise because in the natural, the praise does not make a lot of common sense. You received a bad news, you are being cheated at your place of work, your promotion was denied because you refused to sleep with your boss, your fiancé/fiancee is hurting you big time, you are depressed, your husband or wife has become iced cold and your marriage is about to hit the rocks, you have a huge project before you, no money to complete it, you are at the point of shame with no one to help, you are so scared of a final, all important exam you have once failed and you are wondering what will be your outcome?
    You are tired of life, frustrated, lonely , feeling all have forsaken you? Well, these are the best times and opportunity to offer a sacrifice of praise .
    You praise Him, despite your situation. You have not seen His glory on your behalf yet, yet you praise Him.
    It's like giving God praise on credit. You know what, your credit is good with God because He will not owe any man. If you give Him praise ahead of time on credit, He will do it for you, that which you gave Him praise for.
    Remember the children of Israel as they obeyed God to give Him praise in a shout. They obeyed and what has never happened in the history of human existence happened.
    The Great Wall of Jericho was submerged. With them not doing anything except giving a shout. You are too small to handle the issue, allow God. But you must be willing to follow His strategy of praise. For what God wants to do in your life is far beyond what your calculations can do.
    It's a spiritual strategy and a weapon of war, with victory guaranteed. When we engage in sacrificial praise, we cease from our own labour, struggle and running from frying pan to fire. We enter into the rest of the spiritual activity of waiting on the Lord. Praising Him while we wait for His salvation.
    While praising your God, people may laugh at you and call you names but don't be disturbed. Keep your focus on God.
    I can imagine people calling the Israelites stupid while they did nothing about their situation. Instead of getting new battle strategy, getting more arms and ammunition or even training for the battle, they simply praised God.
    They may judge you as not too smart or intelligent, 'stuck' with no one to help you. But never mind. They will soon rejoice with you and ask for your God. It's a new season for you as you offer sacrifice of praise because God is set to do a new thing.

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    Lord, I will praise you forever

    Lord, teach me to praise you all the days of my life

    Psa 100:4 (AMP)
    Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and a thank offering and into His courts with praise! Be thankful and say so to Him, bless and affectionately praise His name!


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