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    From 22nd of Jan, we will be online to pray together for one hour! An hour a day! Time is 4.00am - 5.00am GMT +1, Everyday.

    Mark 14:37 (KJV)  And he cometh, and findeth them sleeping, and saith unto Peter, Simon, sleepest thou? couldest not thou watch one hour?

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Testimonies: A surprise is coming your way!

  • It is 29 days to KHC Camp Meeting! Heaven is about kiss the earth once again. Participants are getting ready from all over the country and a few registrations from outside the country. We have participants coming from as far as Zamfara and Adamawa! 

    Get ready people of God! KHC Camp Meetings are always a time to experience God like never before!
    Here are a few testimonies from KHC.
    These testimonies show that God can answer your prayers!
    A successful wedding
    I am thankful to God that I listened to the instruction of the Holy Spirit. I appreciate the Godly counsel from pastor Dunamis ,l bless God for the provision and for a successful wedding may his name be praised in Jesus name Amen.
    Okeligho Lawrinda
    Profitable employment
    Indeed we serve an amazing God. I will like to exalt the name of God for his grace upon my life and for continually proving himself as Jehovah in my life. In June 2016 by God’s grace, I rounded up my Masters program and I have since been trusting God for a profitable employment. No means of income of any sort as I had to resign from my student job since I was graduating.
    While praying and trusting God, I continued to intensify my job search sleeping and waking up with high anticipation for a positive feedback. Rather than positive calls and emails, I kept receiving negative reports. The disappointments were back-to-back especially as I realized a trend of rejection after the first set interviews I was invited to. I kept getting the “we are sorry you don’t qualify for the next stage of interview email.” I went before the Lord, He opened my eyes and understanding to unique employment strategies and instructed me to sow into the ongoing project at KHC (remember I didn’t have any means of income).
    This step was very difficult for as the amount He laid in my heart was a monetary gift to support myself and He just instructed me to sow everything. It was unrealistic to me but I’m grateful for the grace to obey. Children of God after this step of faith, things changed rapidly in my favor. Divine help and provision that I never imagined. God raised for me and most importantly he has blessed me with a profitable employment despite the rigorous recruiting process. He used this waiting period to refine me and develop my spiritual life. Indeed we serve a God who answers prayers and I have come to return all the glory to him.
    Job restored
    I greet the KHCites in the name of the lord, sometime last week I submitted a prayer request asking that the house should pray for my fiancée who was laid off from job some months ago, To the glory of God and shame of the devil, he was called back last week Friday to resume on Tuesday….praise the Lord!!! this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes……thank God for Pastor Dunamis and the kHCites , may God cause his face to shine upon you all.
    Ngozi Precious
    Job provision and wedding success
    We dated/courted for 8 yrs, all the way from university days. In January 2016, she came to me that she wants us to get married by July 2016. This truly was our desire but it wasn’t easy to imagine because at that time she was working but I have not gotten a Job after my Msc. So we prayed and fasted, God gave us His word in ISA 50:7 and said we should go ahead.
    This required great faith. I told God that if indeed he would do this wedding for us, He should give me a sign; the sign should be that I get a Job latest February 2016. Indeed, I got a miracle Job despite the enemies antics and I resumed in March. We went ahead prayed for dates, God gave us July 14 & 16. We communicated to our families and insisted on those dates despite pressures to change dates.
    We kept praying, fasting, giving and declaring God’s word. To God be the glory, without a fat bank account or savings, God made supernatural supply available for all that we needed. We rented a house, had our introduction in April, did our traditional and white wedding in July. And it was all she ever dreamt of, it was indeed glorious. GOD DID IT PERFECTLY!!!
    Adetiloye Bamisebi
    Answered prayers
    I want to testify of God’s goodness. I thank God for KHC. Around this time last year I had a major fall that almost took my life.Through KHC,God healed me emotionally, relocated me overseas and also opened great doors for me here. I have come to give Him glory like that one leper because I know Zach 4:6-9 will be fulfilled in my life.
    Sister F.
    God is Indeed Faithful
    Just as the forty days fast was coming to an end, I almost became worried that I had not received any sign of some sort nor received any miracle. But then, Pastor Dunamis published a devotional one morning that said we should not give up, and not to be weary..that even if you do not receive what you are expecting within the forty days, that your heavens can still be opened after the fast.
    I held onto that, and persevered with the fast..On the last day, I got a call from a colleague hinting me of an internal job vacancy in one of the Company’s subsidiaries. I applied for that job..and today, I can testify to the Glory of God that I got the job, and it is indeed a wonderful offer that I never anticipated. God elevated me financially, and in my career status, and I know He would do much more for my family and I, and everyone out there seeking his face. Praise God!!
    A testimony
I hope this blesses someone. I participated in the recently concluded forty day fast. I honestly had no serious expectations and all I asked for was Spiritual growth and for God to bless and continue to uphold my marriage. We encountered a challenge with our accommodation that was affecting our health especially our baby and it became urgent that we move. I told an agent and he promised to get back to me in a week.
    A family friend had shared and told my husband about a property that she hoped to buy with her husband but because we had money tied up with debtors, it seemed to be not an option for us. I coincidentally asked of the lady and then my husband opened up on the opportunity. I really can’t say why but I wanted us to see the property. We went one Sunday after church then we went to find out the price and extended an offer for a house we didn’t have a kobo to pay for. The agent called me but I didn’t pick his call, I didn’t want this testimony sabotaged and I kept praying that somehow we won’t have to pay for rent again but we will own our property.
    The developer told us categorically that it was only one spot left and we have exactly 20 days to pay the 30 Million for the house. We went home and kept praying, while calling our debtors and family to help. One man owed us 11M and he didn’t respond to us when we called despite the fact that he has held this money for months. I even went to cry at his office but didn’t meet him.
    After 10 days one afternoon while in a meeting at work though thinking and praying about this problem, my husband received the alert for this money. It was like a dream. Without that money, we could never have secured this property. All this happened towards the end of the fast. I give God all the thanksgiving, glory, honour and adoration for this gift to my family in Jesus name. He truly does all things well!!! Alleluia! I also pray that God who did this for me as well as the KHC Event CENTER we had faith for in prayer will do even more to anyone who dares to trust Him for anything that seems too great to be achieved in Jesus name. Amen! God bless this KHC family for me.
    Awesome God…..
    Want to thank God for people who have been praying in my behalf on all requests I haav submitted, may God refill n water u the more in Jesus name! I particularly want to testify of the goodness of God in my life for supernatural provision of my school fees beyond my expectations n also for putting to nought the plans of the crafty ones concerning my life(on the 9th day of the fast,I was at school to sort out some things concerning my project, someone did some backyard runs and swapped my name against the original supervisor that was given to me,I went to meet the HOD of my department he said nothing can be done,I was broken n shattered in my spirit, suddenly I heard in my spirit… Can anyone be wiser than God…..
    This gave me a lifting, I took the daily confessions and emphasized that I received what originally belong to me, I also opened my phone to also pray that day’s prayer (PS 33:10) which was in line with was I was going through as at that moment, in less than one hour, that same HOD that shoved me off came looking for me while I was sitting saying my silent prayers and said he will revert back and give my the supervisor that was originally given to me.) I also want to bless God in advance for many testimonies coming soon. God bless pastor and mummy Dunamis, God bless KHC and SGC, God bless all KHC and SGC members and partners!
    Adeniji Temitayo
    Open Heavens!
    Come and see ooo come and see.. Come and see what the Lord has done.. Ebubedike.. Onyeoma.. My big heart is sooo full of joy I am speechless!! I have been applying for a scholarship for years now all to no avail. This year I told God to give me one. When Pastor instructed us to fast and pray and that God is going to open heavens for us.. I knew my time has come. Brothers and sisters.. today I received a call from the foreign office informing me of my success! This is a highly competitive scholarship for the whole of Africa. This can only be God! Thank you Pastor Sir for yielding to the Holy Spirit. My heavens have opened.. more testimonies on the way.. amen.
    Deborah Aboagye
    Miracle Car
    I appreciate the God of KHC who specialize in surprises. I have been trusting God for a car. Last week God supernaturally gave me a car which is beyond my expectation without having a kobo in it. It was a surprise, it was God indeed! Our God answer prayers indeed, All glory and honour to Him.
    Surprise New Job
    I bless the Name of God, for He indeed answers prayers and is full of mercies and goodness. Few weeks ago, Pastor Dunamis was led by the Holy Spirit to write devotionals on Surprises and he also made prophetic declarations. I keyed into it with all my heart, despite the fact that I read that day’s devotional late evening. To my surprise and to God’s glory, I received a call by noon the next day from a financial company which I just applied to just after reading the devotional the day before (less than 24hrs); I was invited for series of interviews and simulation tests. I got the desired job offer few days ago. Thanks Pastor, may your anointing oil never run dry in Jesus Name. Praises be to God….Hallelujah.
    I got healed instantly… Praise God!
    Good evening sir, i want to thank God for using pastor Dunamis to grant me healing. On the 4th of April, in the evening precisely i noticed a very sharp pain on the lower part of my stomach and gradually it became very serious and started affecting my right leg. Later that night, as i was reading the KHC devotional for that day which was prayers from pastor Dunamis. He said “There is a lady reading now, there is a weakness in your right leg specifically that you cannot explain, that pain and weakness disappears right now. Never again in the name of Jesus! You can stand up and just check now as strength is being infused into your limbs now”. Immediately, the pain disappeared and i stood up, behold the pain was gone and i never felt it again. Praise God!!!!!!. sis Lilian
    Pain in my right leg
    Last week, this pain in my right leg began, and i just couldn’t understand why. After the word of Pastor Dunamis on a lady with pain on the right leg, i immediately claimed it and instant healing i know is mine in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus.
    Oluwadamilola Akinrinade
    Divine Healing
    Praise God. I want to thank the Lord for His healing power upon my life. I was returning from work on thursday the 24th day of March 2016 when suddenly I felt a sharp pain at my back; it continued through the weekend. On monday the 28th day of March 2016, I woke up in the morning and started reading the devotional for that day; while I was reading, I came across where Pastor Dunamis said and I quote “Now there is no distance in the spirit realm. 

Put your hands on where that sickness or pain is right now. I curse that sickness. I command the strongman of infirmity to lose its hold right now in Jesus name. That sickness dies now. That pain leaves now. I release over you the resurrection power from the crown of your head to the sole foyer feet! Be healed now in Jesus name! You can check your body now! Glory to God!” I did exactly what he said and that was how I was healed completely. Hallelujah!
    Ruth Yas Tara
    Employment Stopped By God
    Today I faced a disciplinary panel over an incident involving two aircrafts that collided while I was moving one of the aircrafts. The circumstances surrounding the incident proved beyond doubt that I was at fault. 90% of the panelists had approved my sacking even before the final hearing of the matter. So the day before I would go to face the panel for the final hearing, I called on Pastor Dunamis to pray for me for God’s intervention. I also posted a prayer request on this platform asking members to pray for me. I called a couple of friends to also join me in prayers. To the glory of God, after the last hearing, God turned everything around in my favour. I wasn’t sacked as earlier agreed on by the panel, instead I was only punished with an 8 weeks suspension without pay. If I had been fired from the job it would have shattered my forthcoming wedding plans but our God successfully put the enemy to shame. I want to thank God for His divine intervention, and thanks too to the Man of God Pastor Dunamis and all of you who prayed for me. Our God is a prayer answering God. Hallelujah!!!
    Henry Idu
    Now Married!
    After getting fed up of praying for a life partner, I called pastor Dunamis and explain my situation to him he prayed with and told me to be patient. To God be the glory the man after Gods heart came and things worked out the way we wanted it. Now we are married.

    There are more and more testimonies.
    Trust God because yours is the next.
    As we get ready for KHC Camp Meeting, more and more surprises are coming your way in Jesus name!
    God will surprise you!

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    My testimony is the next

    I am focused on the things of God. i am not confused - See more at: file:///Users/revdunamis/Desktop/Devotionals/Ade%20and%20Christie%20fell%20in%20love%20on%20Campus_%20the%20story%20and%20the%20lessons%20-%20Past%20Devotionals%20-%20Kisses%20and%20Huggs%20Club.html#sthash.aMzBc6Hp.dpuf
    I am focused on the things of God. i am not confused - See more at: file:///Users/revdunamis/Desktop/Devotionals/Ade%20and%20Christie%20fell%20in%20love%20on%20Campus_%20the%20story%20and%20the%20lessons%20-%20Past%20Devotionals%20-%20Kisses%20and%20Huggs%20Club.html#sthash.aMzBc6Hp.dpuf
    I will seek to understand my fiancé/fiancee/spouse's love language - See more at: file:///Users/revdunamis/Desktop/Devotionals/When%20you%20are%20in%20love%20with%20the%20one%20whose%20love%20language%20is%20gifts%20-%20Daily%20Devotionals%20-%20Kisses%20and%20Huggs%20Club.html#sthash.GILhvNy3.dpuf

    Lord, do something new for me

    Isaiah 43:19 (KJV)  
    Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

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