Slowly, she opened her laps for me to see!

  • Dateline: 2005
    I was pastoring one of the Triumphant Assembly Churches.
    Time: 5.30pm
    I drove into Agbowo Shopping Complex in my white Nissan Sunny, my wife was beside me, Dunamis was five years old, and Doxa was just two. Dunamai was hidden away somewhere in my loins to show up later in 2007.
    As we alighted from the car, we were greeted with an unusual sight.
    There was a lady sitting conspicuously in front of the Auditorium right on the floor.
    Beautiful lady!
    In fact, extremely beautiful!
    Light and glowing in complexion, spotless face, not a single spot.
    She was the kind of lady that would easily get heads turning in her direction.
    So, we asked her why she was sitting on the floor.
    She said she was under attack. Somebody is driving nails into her head.
    I looked at the head, no sign of nails, and yet occasionally she would grab her head.

    We encouraged her to join the service, but she refused.
    So after service we decided to check on her.
    By the time we got to her hall, news was that she had taken poison.
    Okay, what would we do as Pastors?
    Watch her die?
    So, they got her door broken because she actually locked up.
    And then we rushed her to the hospital.
    The Doctor flushed her system and by 11.00pm, we were on our way back to her hall.
    The hall was locked up at the time.
    So, we had to take her to our house.
    While at home, I decided to get her saved. I was teaching her the ABC of faith and all was going fine until Pastor Sophia stood up to pick something in the room.
    Then she looked at me, open her laps slowly and stuck out her tongue in a seductive invitation.
    I stammered and looked away.
    But before I looked away, I saw her panties.
    I was irritated in my spirit.
    Then my wife returned to the sitting room, and slowly she closed up her laps.
    She didn't make a mistake, she did that deliberately.
    The guest room where she slept was just beside our room. And my wife sleeps deeply.
    Perfect set up for free death?
    The next morning, I woke up in a hurry and asked somebody to drop her off.
    As she was going, she paused and looked at me and said, “Pastor, you are strong. Nobody refuses me like that.”
    “What do you mean,” I asked.
    Then like some one with mouth diarrhoea, she sang like a bird.
    “I am an assignment from hell. My assignment is to Pastors. Whenever I sleep with any pastor, I have reduced their lifespans to half. They will never fulfill ministry. They will die early! And I have slept with many!”
    I quickly asked them to drop her off.
    As she was being driven away, she told the person driving her she is a lesbian and she is bi-sexual. Her room was like a supermarket. Different men come to drop items there in exchange for dating her.
    This looked like a script straight out of Nollywood, but I can tell you it is true.
    The same way, as singles and married, we need to be extremely careful.
    Somebody is asking why I didn't jump at the free jeru trap.
    It’s not really free.
    It would have been in exchange for my soul
    It could have ruptured my destiny.
    It could have ended all of KHC before it began.
    The wages of sin is death.

    Someone or something always die at the instance of compromise.
    Many are dead already, just waiting to be buried some years later.
    Many are walking dead by reason of sexual atrocities.
    But God can heal you.
    He can take away that addiction.
    He can wash your life clean.
    You don't have to go back to that hotel no matter what the bait is.
    You don't have to lie again to your spouse that you are in a meeting while you are locked up in a deadly embrace with a strange woman.
    He can refurbish your destiny and make you new.
    Before you compromise one more time, know that there are consequences.
    Before you cheat on your spouse one more time, consider the absurdity of adulterous flings.
    It was the fear of God that kept me. It was not because I was strong. He kept me. I am a man complete with all the sexual urges, but I have been told to put my body under and not allow it to dictate to my spirit.
    It is what you have to do as well.
    The fear of God.
    That was what kept Joseph.
    That was what Samson lacked.
    The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom.
    I pray for you this morning, may God RIGHT every WRONG in your life in Jesus name! May your destiny not be hibernated. May you not be disenfranchised from the land of the living. May you not be laid aside.
    May mercy speak for you and may integrity preserve you! May God shield you with mercy and favour.
    Just ask God to help you. He will. Be assured.
    Remain Blessed!

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    I am surrounded by mercy


    Lord, reach out to me in your mercy and grace

    Proverbs 2:5 (KJV)  
    Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.

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