OMG! She lost her mind and could not recognize anyone

  • Dateline: 1997
    I was two days old in ministry.
    I was excited and I looked forward to having exploits done in God.
    Little did I know that an awesome challenge awaited me that day.
    I was in the office alongside another pastor with whom we were in ministry together.
    Time was 5.30pm.
    We were busy chatting away since we were almost closing for the day. Suddenly we were greeted with knocks on the main door.
    As I strolled down the dark passage to check the door, I wondered who the visitor was.
    Maybe one of our few church members was around.
    As I opened the door, behold a crowd.
    What could this mean?
    A quick survey at the mien of people standing showed that all was not well.
    There must have been a serious issue.
    People have a way of locating pastors when they are in trouble.
    An elderly woman asked “Is this the pastor?” and a few of our members nodded in the affirmative.
    She quickly changed gear as she lamented the more.
    What happened?
    A lady who I know very well, a member of the church has lost her mind.
    By this time, the other pastor had joined me as well.
    I called out to the lady, but she couldn't recognize anybody again.
    Obviously it had happened for a while, because the mum came all the way from Lagos, with other members of the family, the boyfriend was around and we had quite a crowd out there.
    “Pastor, please help us to pray for her!” They said.
    We were just two days old in ministry, our senior pastor was not around and we were confronted with a demonic case.
    Like Jesus used to do, we asked them to stay outside and we took her into the office.
    For two hours long, we conducted a deliverance session.
    We yelled and shouted.
    We ranted and panted.
    “Come out in the name of Jesus!”
    “You foul spirit, loose your hold in the name of Jesus!”
    The demon simply made fun of us through the girl.
    She was just laughing at us mockingly.
    We shouted the more.
    I was losing my voice.
    At the end, we were so tired, we were the ones that seemed to need deliverance.
    The people outside were bothered.
    We told them we were almost done.
    Another round of shouting and screaming and no progress.
    So we sat down to rest.
    Then the other pastor, sad, we ought to ask God first how we should handle the case.
    How did we forget and allow over-zealousness to wrap us up?
    So we did.
    God told me we should speak His love to her.
    God told the other pastor we should hold her hands.
    Both instructions seemed stupid and unsafe.
    Very unsafe. Hold the hands of an insane girl?
    Not a sensible idea.
    God doesn't always make sense.
    Who will hold her hands?
    She was behaving like she would bite at anybody that moved close.
    Then to speak God’s love? This one that didn't recognize anybody again?
    But we had no choice to obey since our own expertise had failed woefully and we are about to be disgraced as pastors!
    So, I held her hands in fear and trepidation.
    I prayed silently she wouldn't bite or tear off my clothes. She looked wild and terrible, her hair scattered and occasionally laughing mockingly.
    The other Pastor spoke God’s love to her.
    “God still loves you! It doesn't matter what you have done, you are still God’s child.”
    And he went on and on.
    To my amazement, she began to calm down. She started sweating. Her wild mocking face gave way to a sober and repentant one.
    Tears dropped from her face.
    I knew she was delivered.
    She called my name.
    And the other Pastor.
    “What am I doing here?”
    Her mind was restored.
    It was a miracle.
    Hours of screaming and shouting with nothing achieved and then five minutes of obeying God's instructions!
    God's voice is key!
    She sat down. We gave her water. And we asked for the last thing she could remember.
    And then we discovered what happened.
    Her boyfriend had visited her earlier in the day. They had jeru trap. And they were not married.
    She felt guilty. The devil told her she had committed unpardonable sin and she would never be forgiven. She believed and then she lost her mind.
    We went outside with her and presented her to her mum and family.
    They were looking at us like powerful pastors but they had no idea what we went through.
    Then we called the boyfriend aside. He owned up. We counseled him and told a him a worse thing would come if he continued in sin.
    And that was the story.
    It happens every time you compromise.
    You might not have lost your mind, but you definitely lost something.
    Something dies!
    Every act of sin and compromise is designed to take something away from you, to disenfranchise you from God's favour and God’s support.
    Be wise.
    And if you are feeling guilty about something you have done, I want o speak God’s love to you.
    God still loves you all the same. You are still His child. You may be a lily among thorns, but you are still a lily.
    But you have to stop all form of compromise!
    And that is the essence of this story.
    May all wasted years be collapsed for you.
    May heaven smile upon you once again.
    I see God giving you another chance.
    I see God restoring all that is lost.
    I see God wiping away your tears.
    I see God restoring your soul and all that is lost.
    I see God satisfying you with favour.
    All I want you to do today is to make up your mind.
    No more compromise.
    No more, not me!
    No more losses!
    No more!
    And as you make up your mind, I see restoration!
    Restoration of lost opportunities.
    Restoration in your finances.
    Get back into God. I dare you. Fast a little, pray some more. Read your Bible and Study more. Pay your tithe and honour God with your substance. Be a financial partner with God's work, stay away from all iniquities. Watch your friends and stay away from ungodly places. Get a mentor, and keep at self development.
    May God grant you more wisdom!
    No more losses!

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    No more losses


    Lord, restore unto me all that is lost


    Proverbs 2:6 (KJV) 
    For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

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  • Rhoda Amapakabo
    Rhoda Amapakabo hmmmmmmm funny but powerful information passed on. Thank you sir and God bless you much
    November 23, 2016 - Report
  • Akinhanmi  Timilehin
    Akinhanmi Timilehin Hmmm...quite an hilarious write up but health to my soul. Indeed the devil as come to steal. Lord help us to be a yielded vessels to you and not to our fleshy  desires. Thank you for your daily admonistion sir. It's been a Blessing to me. 
    November 23, 2016 - Report

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