Knowing the Mind of God in Relationship and Marriage Part 2

  • We started on this yesterday and we looked at a very important step.
    We continue today.
    How do you know the mind of God for relationship and marriage?
    How can you be so sure?
    How can you know you are dining with the right person?
    Let’s go there!
    2. Seeking Him before emotional involvement

    Ever before you fall in love, make sure you fall into God first.
    Ever before the butterflies begin to fly endlessly in your tummy, be sure that God’s word is resident there to coordinate the flapping of the tiny colorful wings.

    This is pertinent.
    It gets really difficult when you try to seek God’s face after you have fallen in love.
    At that point, the emotions are on high, the feelings are inflated and they will gladly obfuscate the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.
    What then do you do?
    Here is the golden advice.
    Ever before you fall in love, ever before you sit down together in the garden of love and chat endlessly, ever before you look into each other’s eye and wish the day will never end, ever before you live in your chats and exchange love banters all through the day, before you start whispering sweet nonsense to each other, make sure you seek God’s face and ask Him for direction.
    That is the time you can hear Him!
    You see, what most of us are doing in seeking God as regards relationships is that we go to God and try to make Him approve our choice!
    This is not seeking God.
    There is a difference between what you want and where He leads.
    Of course, God will never lead you into what you hate.
    God is an intelligent God.
    He is not spooky. He is real.
    He knows what is best for you.
    He knows what will last.
    He knows what will endure.
    He knows the one that will not abandon you after a few years.
    He knows the one that will not back out before it is time.
    He knows the one that will not break your heart after ten years of marriage.
    He knows the one that will not cheat on you.
    He knows the one that will be your children's mother or father.
    It is wise to listen to Him.
    It is foolish to trust your feelings only.
    Feelings are fickle and they don't always last.
    But God’s word endures.
    His mercy endures forever.
    Seek His face and you will get the best in God.
    We will continue tomorrow.
    I pray that God will stabilize your emotions and cause you to hear Him clearly in your relationship and marriage in Jesus name!
    Stay Blessed!
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    I am led of God


    Lord, lead me in the right way


    Psalms 31:3 (KJV)  
    For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me.

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