Knowing the Mind of God in Relationship and Marriage Part 3

  • In continuation of this topic which we started two days ago, we will be looking at something else pertinent.
    3. Seeking the advice of mentors and pastors
    In knowing the mind of God, it is important to recognize spiritual authority figures that God has placed around you.
    Especially, if you and the person you are looking at are in the same church, it is important that the leadership of the church are well informed of your intentions. It is important that you have the church blessing.
    I remember many years ago in a church I was pastoring, one over zealous brother went to propose to a sister without informing the leadership of the church.
    He just saw a fine sister and “boom, he had propose.
    What he didn't know was that he was asking out a woman who already had a daughter.
    And yet he was almost swearing that God spoke to him.
    Upon learning she had a daughter, he immediately said it cannot be God again!
    This kind of confusion are avoided when you don't try to operate in the dark.
    While I know there may be some leadership that could be manipulative and members have concluded that it is dangerous to inform the church about anything, the truth still remains that things ought to be done decently and in order.
    Your pastors are there to guide you.
    Their role is not to choose for you.
    Nobody chooses for you.
    You are led of God and you make your choice.
    You see, you are going to live with your own choice.
    The pastor himself is living at his own home with his choice.
    So, you make your choice as led of God.
    Then you inform the leadership of your intentions.
    They pray along and they confirm or tell you of their fears.
    Ultimately, it is your decision because the pastor will not come and live at home with you.
    What happens if your pastor is saying “No!”
    Pray and pray again.
    Be sure you are not moved by feelings.
    What if your pastor recommends a person?
    There is nothing wrong with that.
    What is wrong is when the pastor or the leadership tries to force you into a relationship or impose a person on you.
    You do not get married for religious reasons or because you are trying to respect somebody.
    You do not get married to somebody you loathe and hate because you want to obey some leadership.
    You get married to somebody you love and you are led to.
    This balance is very important and you must take cognizance of it.
    Be careful when the whole leadership, parents, mentors and all authority figures are against your decision to marry someone. Be careful. Press the pause button. Review. Fall out of love for a moment and consider.
    Once you walk down the aisle, it is difficult to walk up and out the aisle.
    Do not rush.
    Do not be hasty.
    Be still and know God and His voice.
    And when He leads you, He will never lead you wrong!
    Be blessed!
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    I have God's direction


    Lord, lead me in the right way


    Psalms 31:17 (KJV)  
    Let me not be ashamed, O LORD; for I have called upon thee: let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave.

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