Engaging Thanksgiving for Marital Victory

  • Today is Day 3 of Fasting and Prayer for 2017.
    It is also our thanksgiving week on KHC.
    Can you thank God enough? I doubt!
    In praise, you celebrate the person of God, but in thanksgiving, you celebrate His acts in your life.
    Think about it.
    All He has done since the beginning of the year!
    In thanksgiving, you celebrate God’s faithfulness over your life!

    As you are praying during this fast, in this first week, mix it with thanksgiving because that is the password of God.
    You enter His gates with thanksgiving.
    The gate remains unopened for the unthankful.
    You can have unanswered prayers but you cannot have unanswered thanksgiving!
    There is a thanksgiving you give unto God because you know God will do it, and because God owes no man, He will have to do it.
    And there is a thanksgiving you do when you thank Him for all He has done in 2016 because you know He will yet do more in 2017.
    Recount it.
    The time you had an accident and you survived.
    The time armed robbers visited but your life was spared.
    The time you could have boarded a cab that eventually ended with fatal casualties.
    The time you were supernaturally supplied.
    The time you had a sickness that almost took your life, yet you are walking around today.
    Recount it and be grateful.
    The ingrate will always lack greatness, because He doesn't know how to say “Thank you Lord!”
    Thank Him for all the seemingly negative happenstances but which were actually designed to actually step you up.
    Thank Him for the lover that jilted you, because he eventually allowed the right person to show up.
    If the wrong person doesn't go, the right one will never show up.
    The time you wrote that examination and you thought you would fail, yet you passed.
    The time you knew you blew up the interview, yet you were employed.
    The job you got without an interview, thank Him.
    The job you got that you know you were not qualified for, thank Him.
    Psalms 44:3 (KJV)  

    For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favour unto them.
    Thank Him for the gift of life.
    The intensified witchcraft attacks from your village, yet they couldn't get you. Thank Him.
    Thank Him for the gift of life.
    The promotion that came hurriedly, thank Him.
    This year, many assignments were terminated. But not yours, thank Him o!
    Many destinies were silenced into the land of forgetfulness, but here you are. Thank Him.
    Many bright future who thought the race is to the swift were truncated in the midst of their days, but you are planning for next year, thank Him.
    Some lost their mind, and yet what they faced wasn't as tough as what you went through, yet your mind is still right, thank Him.
    Many suicidal notes were left behind, and that was all that was left; notes, the writers are gone, but you can write down your testimonies for 2016 and your goals for 2017! Thank Him.
    Many a weddings were done, but many of them fell apart and the center could not hold again, but you and your spouse are planning for a vacation. Thank Him.
    You had a break up, but your life was not broken. Thank Him.

    Thank Him o!
    You are not married yet, but I see you are part of those that are walking down the aisle in 2017! Thank Him.
    What they thought was late becomes the latest.
    Your wedding gown? You will wear it in 2017. Thank Him.
    The sound of a baby crying and laughing right in your arms? You will carry your own baby in 2017. Thank Him.
    Your new house? The tenant becomes the landlord. Thank Him.
    Thank Him.
    Thank Him by recounting all the acts.
    Thank Him in your songs.
    Thank Him in your dance.
    Thank Him with your special seed.
    You read one devotional and it saved you from a terrible decision. Thank Him.
    Be grateful.
    Brighter days lie ahead as you thank Him.
    You are rejoicing before him, people will soon rejoice with you!
    So shall it be in Jesus name!

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    Lord, I thank you with all my being.


    Lord, I am thankful. Let me have more reasons to thank you in 2017.


    Psalms 44:3 (MSG)  We didn't fight for this land; we didn't work for it—it was a gift! You gave it, smiling as you gave it, delighting as you gave it.

    Give a thanksgiving seed in this KHC Thanksgiving week

    Matthew 27; Mark 15

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