Favour for Relationships and Marriages in 2017

  • It is still our seven days of thanksgiving on KHC. Till 7th Of December. Be in thanksgiving mode. Offer songs of thanksgiving unto Him. Offer dance of thanksgiving unto Him. Offer thanksgiving seed unto Him. Offer words of thanksgiving unto Him. God has been good.

    And today is Day 5 of 21 Days of fasting and prayers for 2017.
    Here at SGC Ibadan, we meet daily to pray for you, for ourselves for all of KHC and SGC and to a take care 2017 by the Spirit.
    Check out the prayer points daily from links above and let’s seek God’s face together for 2017.
    2017 does not begin by 1st of January next year. It begins now.
    In fact, for some, all of 2017 is already planned out and prayed out.
    Now, this morning, I will like you to know that 2017 will be glorious for you.
    God has great plans for you.
    God has good plans for you.
    But there is a realization you must come to.
    If you can approach 2017 with that attitude and revelation, your desires and more would be fulfilled in 2017.
    What revelation is that?
    Psalms 44:3 (KJV)  

    For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favour unto them.
    You have to come to this point of realization, my dear!
    It will not be your sword.
    It will not be by your skill.
    It will not be by your dexterity.
    It is not by your own arm.
    It will not be your own strength.
    It will not be by your own intellectual prowess.
    It will not be by your wisdom.
    It will not be by your connections.
    The earlier you realize this, the better.
    The greatness that lies in 2017 for you is too heavy that you cannot pull it up by yourself.
    So, the realization hits you.
    It is by the right hand of God.

    It is by the light of His countenance.
    It is by God’s FAVOUR!
    That is the “koko” of the matter o!

    Favour upon you in 2017!

    Favour upon you and yours in 2017!
    A handsome man that is not favored is on his own. He will die in his handsomeness without achieving much.
    A pretty lady with no oil of favor on her head is beautiful for nothing. Men would use her and dump her continually.
    May your head not lack oil in 2017!
    You see, there is something called the spirit of favour!
    And there is something called the spirit of disfavour.
    Disfavour is when people just dislike you for nothing.
    They don't even know you and yet they are irritated.
    Disfavour is when you are sent home without interview.
    Favour is when you are employed without interview.
    Disfavour is cursed in your life this day!
    In 2017, the story of your life will be the story of God’s favour!
    My God will favour you in 2017.
    All partners of KHC, I prophesy God’s favor upon you this day in the name of Jesus!
    In 2017, God will partner with you!
    In your relationship and marriage plans, God will partner with you in Jesus name!
    The God of KHC, that makes relationships and marriages sweat-less, that eliminates struggles and confusion in marital journey, will avail for you!
    I make the grace over this mandate and assignment available for you now.
    Ye are partakers of this grace, dear partners!
    Dear KHCites, proceed into the year with favour.
    Thank God for your phonetics, but you need God’s favour.
    Thank God for your hot legs, but you need God’s favor to get a godly husband.
    Thank God for your logical mind, but you need favour!
    May you be satisfied with favor like Naphtali on 2017!
    That is my prayer for you!
    SGC started 3rd of January this year. We have come thus far because of God’s help. ON KHC, It has been God's help o!
    This same God will help you!
    Listen to me, you will be helped of God in 2017.
    My God will favour you in Jesus name.
    That deep desire of yours will be granted in Jesus name!
    So shall it be in Jesus name!

    Be a Partner with KHC. Check links below to give!
    Lord, I thank you!


    Recount the acts of God in your life and thank Him


    Psalms 44:3 (MSG)  
    We didn't fight for this land; we didn't work for it—it was a gift! You gave it, smiling as you gave it, delighting as you gave it.

    Give a thanksgiving seed in this KHC Thanksgiving week

    Matthew 28; Mark 16

    Pastor Dunamis - +234 802 350 7395


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  • Dupe Fijabi
    Dupe Fijabi Hallelujah!!!! Glory to God!!! I Dupe receive jobs offers right now without interviews in Jesus Name, Amen!!!
    December 5, 2016 - Report
  • Pastor Sophia Okunowo
    Pastor Sophia Okunowo Amen. The spirit of favor of favor is upon me at all times, in all ways at all times in Jesus name.
    December 5, 2016 - Report

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