The Price of Greatness in Relationships and Marriage in 2017

  • I was excited.
    I found myself in Delta State and it was my first time in the East.
    I recall with nostalgia their sweet soup that goes with anything swallow.
    Their language was sweet and amused my ears even though I didn't understand a thing.
    I had been posted as a Youth Corper to that state.
    But before I left Ogun State, I had an encounter with God and He told me about His call upon my life.
    I thought it was going to be easy.
    After three weeks of camping, I had an offer to teach in a school and earn ten thousand a month.
    That was a lot of money in the nineties!
    But I needed to make a decision right there and then.
    Take this offer of ten thousand a month, or redeploy back to Ogun State to go and work with a ministry and earn one thousand a month!
    It wasn't a good spot to be.
    Ten to one!
    I weighed my options.
    But I know a higher calling beckoned, even though this one offered more immediate financial rewards.
    There is always a price to pay.
    If it would be great, it would come with a price.
    At that moment, I had to make a decision which unknowingly was pregnant with SGC and KHC!
    You see, what we don't know most times is that those little decisions are quite consequential at the end of the day.
    I thank God that I took that decision even though it looked like a suicidal step.
    I thank God He gave me the strength to obey His call upon my life and not settle for profanity over a morsel of meat.
    That singular decision has pushed me forward and enabled me to touch thousands of people across the world.
    My favorite scripture then was “Faithful is He That Has Called Who Also Will Do it!”
    He has to do it ni o!
    And He did it and He is still doing it.
    Glory to God.
    No doubt, greatness lies ahead of you in 2017 and beyond.
    That truth is embedded all over the Holy Writ.
    There is no doubt.
    You will be great.
    As a child of God, greatness is in your DNA.
    But them, alongside that greatness comes a price to pay.
    What is that price?
    The price is all about making godly decisions and following through with those decisions.
    You have to make up your mind.
    To obey Him even when it seems difficult.
    Once you know He is the one tugging at you, go along with Him!
    In that relationship, is it God who directed you?
    Your day to day pressures are there, to add another pressure that comes because of marriage with the wrong person will be too much for you.
    So decide!
    If he or she is the wrong person, you always know!
    The crux of the matter is taking that decision.
    But you know what? Your destiny is greater.
    Your future is so bright you cannot afford to take a wrong step.
    Getting married because of money or some other factor aside from God’s direction is like signing a death warrant.
    The depression, the sadness, the agony of loving the one that would never love you appropriately and much more pain and regretful fits are not what you can dive into.
    Pay that price now!
    You know he doesn't know or love God, leave him alone.
    You know she is not the right person for you but you are locked up in her embrace and tangled in the sheets of stolen waters…. leave her alone.
    You know God is not directing you, but it looked too juicy… Dubai trips, a nice car, nice apartment and blank cheque… but what about living all your life as a secret wife, a baby Mamma, and with the realization that he belongs rightfully to another woman?
    How about when the harvest of the seed of tearing apart another homes become ripe?
    It is not just worth it.
    The greatness of 2017 begins with a decision today.
    And that decision must be accompanied by integrity of your heart.
    Pack out of his house.
    Stop meeting him at a Guest house. It is called adultery.
    Stop that emotional affair before it gets physical.
    Stop seeing two or more people at a time. You will not last doing that!
    Stop playing along with the one you called pastor who has deceived you that there is grace to cover for habitual sexual compromise with him. I can assure you, the only thing lurking in the corner to unleash its wrath is disgrace!
    Make that brutal decision now and save your soul from earthly agony and eternal damnation.
    God is faithful.
    He will not disappoint you.
    He is your Jehovah, not some Sugar Daddy whose life is as bitter as his deceptions.
    Let no one control you with money.
    You will eventually have that money if you stay with God.
    You will eventually be wealthy if you follow Him.
    Do not sell your destiny.
    Do not sell your body.
    Stay with God and you will win.
    The decision of today will determine the outcome of your life tomorrow.
    I pray for you today, that my God will help you indeed.
    Receive the boldness to make the right decision today.
    Receive help now in Jesus name!

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    I am deciding for God now!


    Lord, help me to decide for you in Jesus name!


    Hebrews 10:23 (KJV)  
    Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised

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