You're The Finest And The Original, All Others Are Counterfeits

  • Let me quickly appreciate all KHC Partners. Thanks for your contunail support. May the rest of this year be sweet for you! May heaven annouce you next year! Be blessed!

    A testimony came in yesterday. It may encourage someone.

    God is good. Mast week monday, 28/11/16, Pastor prayed and made some declarations for us on KHC as he was led. He declared we would achieve in December what we could not achieve from January-November. I prayed, believed and personified the declarations. Few hours later, I got a call from school that my external defense would be coming up on Thursday, 1/12/16. To God be the glory, I successfully defended that day after four years of running a two year post graduate program. Thank you Jesus, thank you Pastor. JK.

    Glory to God for that!

    God is too real and He wants us to be real as well.

    Be real with yourself.

    The greatest mishap for anybody is to deceive himself.

    God is brutally honest in His dealings with us.

    How could God include the story of David and his adulterous and murderous escapades in the Bible? If you were God, wouldn’t you want to jump that part? What about the randy boy, Samson? But you see, God knows that it is the truth that sets free!

Someone was sympathizing with me how embarrassing I would have been with my wedding picture on our blog.

    I laughed. I told him I put it  there myself.

    I told him that is exactly what I want people like him to see. That once upon a time, I wasn’t really fine! (at least in his estimation) But what about now? 

Haven’t you seen the scripture that says old things shall pass away? Lol…

    The second thing is that it was my picture! That was me, and I am good enough for God to have called me, obviously, God didn’t mind!

    And that is what I want you to see.

    Appreciate yourself. God made you, believe in your God, believe in yourself and love yourself!

    Do you know that if you don’t love yourself, nobody will be able to love you?

    Learn to say to yourself, regardless of how you think you look, that “I am handsome, I am beautiful…and you will gradually be that! Interestingly, it is sometimes those that are beautiful that have problem about not looking fine!

    Nobody is ugly! Ladies, can you hear that! It is always ladies that have a problem about how they look. Guys don’t have that time at all. Haven’t you seen a guy whose legs is like hockey stick, and he would still wear three quarters and come and ask you out? And you are like, “what?” The guy doesn’t care a hoot!

    It is ladies that will stand before mirrors and be wishing they were taller or lighter in complexion.

    Do you know what your slogan should be?

    God made me like I am and I am the best! If you are taller than me, you are too tall. If you are shorter than me, you are too short. If you are darker in complexion than me, you are too dark. If you are lighter in complexion than me, you are too light. If you are fatter than me, you are too fat. If you are thinner than me, you are too thin!

    The third thing I want you to know is that beauty is in the beholder’s eye. It means you will certainly be handsome or beautiful to some people, regardless how you look.

    See the scripture:

    I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (Psalms 139:14 KJV)

    You are fearfully and wonderfully made…

    It means you will be “fearful” to some people, but you will be “wonderful” to others! So if somebody says you are ugly, it’s okay, you are just being “fearful,” to that person. When you meet your loved one, you will be wonderful! Lobatan!

    The next thing is while physical appearance matters a lot, and you should go for somebody you are physically attracted to, physical appearance or beauty is not all, there is an inner beauty and strength of character that married couples have  come to appreciate beyond physical beauty.

    I will never forget the day when I saw the scripture that talks about a beautiful head on an empty head!

    Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful face on an empty head. (Proverbs 11:22 Message)

    Trust me, you want to go for beauty and some stuff in the head as well. Hot legs without a hot heart will only end up burning your hands, and that’s all. If you get some hot legs, great, but make sure her heart is hot for God as well.

    Lastly, understand that people change over time. For my wife, and I, it looks like the older we get, the better looking we became! That’s the anointing, so go and get anointed!

    However, it may not be like that for everybody! Figure eight can be lost as the lady visits the labour room year in year out! So, love her for who she is, not just for what she looks! If you don’t like her weight, enroll her in a gym and follow her there! All in all, in choosing someone, follow God’s leading, because God knows what will be good for you today and what will still be good for you in another twenty or thirty years!

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    I am the best of God that God has created.


    Lord, help me to appreciate myself and see myself as God sees me.


    I thank you, High God––you're breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration––what a creation! (Psalms 139:14 Message)

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