When Relationship or Marriage is in Freeze Mode like MMM

  • Today is Day 15 of 21 Days of Fasting and Prayers on KHC. Keep praying and trusting God for a glorious year in 2017.
    Freeze mode in relationship or marriage can either be needed or unwanted.
    It is needed when a pause is needed for there to be progress.
    It is a demonic attack when it comes from the devil to cause unnecessary delays.
    Let’s break it down.
    Let’s talk to the singles first.
    When is the Freeze Mode Needed in Relationships or among Singles?
    1. When he has not communicated with you for weeks and yet keeps saying he loves you.

You need some real ice blocks. Get into freeze mode on the relationship until the issue is resolved.
    Don't just assume all is well, or else the next thing you might be getting is a DP with a new suitor or some wedding invitation.
    You see, you need to know there is a problem with some one who says he or she loves you and yet will not communicate with you!
    All the signs are there that you are on your own, but you held on!
    If he or she has not gotten in touch for weeks, always forming busy and claiming it’s work, you need to freeze the whole thing like MMM!
    Before someone freezes you like MMM into an emotional trauma freezer, freeze the whole thing yourself.
    How can someone says he wants to marry you and yet you spoke last three months ago?
    Don’t you understand?
    The guy or lady wants to get you frustrated and angry so that you call it off!
    A man’s heart is where his treasure is!
    If he or she is in love, he wlil get in touch regularly.
    But if you are the only one calling, going after, hunting, chatting up, mailing and yet with all of that, all you get is monosyllabic answers, listen to me, freeze the whole thing!
    That is how to love and take care of yourself.
    When should the freeze mode be used again?
    2. When he is always demanding for one thing or the other without offering nothing.
    If he is not asking for jeru trap, he is asking for your money. If he is not borrowing some money, he is asking you to get him some things.
    And he or she gives nothing in return, not even a little gift.
    That is a dysfunctional one way relationship that will not last.
    When you sense that he is parasitic, you had better freeze the whole thing.
    If you head on into marriage, well, the pattern is already established.
    It will continue even after marriage.
    Your ATM will be his or her companion.
    You will work hard for him or her to satisfy the obvious excesses and exuberance.
    Like MMM, freeze the whole thing!
    To be continued tomorrow.

    May God open your eyes to see all you need to see but cannot see right now in Jesus name!

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    My life will not enter freeze mode


    Lord, open my eyes to see what is not obvious


    2 Chronicles 6:40 (KJV)  
    Now, my God, let, I beseech thee, thine eyes be open, and let thine ears be attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.


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