When Relationship or Marriage is in Freeze Mode Part 2

  • What other time should you out a relationship in the freeze mode?
    3. Genotype Incompatibility
    When the genotype is incompatible, no matter how much you love each other, you need to pause!
    This is because of the obvious reasons.
    There have been times when there were Genotype changes in your favour supernaturally, and we cannot rule out what God can do.
    But there is a difference between being in faith and being presumptuous.
    It is wrong for you to say you are in faith and then go ahead to get married trusting that it will change some day after wedding.
    If you have the faith for it to change, then let it be done now.
    Faith is always now!
    If you really believe the person in question is God’s plan for you and that there will be a genotype change, then exercise your faith, believe, pray and fast if need be, but trust that your faith will produce the desired genotype change before wedding, not after.
    The moment you know your faith cannot sustain your desire, it is better to freeze the relationship and trust God for a new direction.
    Having done all you know to do, if there is no change, it is better to go your different ways.
    4. When fear rules
    In deciding to get married to a particular person, if you are always inundated and besieged with inexplainable fear, anxiety and trepidation, you need to freeze.
    Each time you think of the two of you, a phobia rises from within, you need to be extremely careful as the sense of fear and dread you sense could be God’s way of warning you of imminent danger.
    The mistake we often make is we refuse to heed what we can sense because we think the person is good enough.
    You see, you need to understand that a good person can be the wrong person for you.
    You are not looking for the good man or the right woman, you are looking for God’s leading.
    God can see you together in another five years, ten years, twenty years, fifty years and more!
    Based on what He only can see that you cannot see, He leads you into His best choice for you.
    Why should you pay attention to this sense of fear or dread?
    God has not given us the Spirit of fear.
    Fear comes from the devil.
    But there is a similar feeling to fear that you also feel when the peace of God is absent in a particular decision.
    There is this unrest.
    Each time you visualize yourselves together and think about wedding and living together, an unsettling feeling comes.
    You prayed about it.
    You spoke in tongues.
    The guy looked good.
    In fact he has a car and he is spiritual.
    And yet, when you pray, you are unsettled.
    You need to freeze!
    God is trying to warn, not because the person is bad but because he or she may not be the best of God for you!
    So you freeze and take time to pray again, you quieten your soul and listen to God speak again before you eventually take your decision.
    This also happens in business decision, partnership ventures and any other critical decisions.
    Once you have an unsettling feeling, freeze! Until you are able to decode the feelings you have and where they are coming from.
    One of the most dangerous times to make a decision is when you are are not sure of what God is saying.
    Freeze until you are sure!
    I am going to stop here this morning.
    I pray that God will lead and show you the way to go.
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    I listen to what God is saying


    Lord, hear me at this time in Jesus name


    2 Chronicles 6:40 (KJV)  
    Now, my God, let, I beseech thee, thine eyes be open, and let thine ears be attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.


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