Before Saying “I DO” This is What To Do

  • Sally, a God loving babe is single, sassy, smart and searching! She has many suitors, but she just can’t seem to decide what she should really go for. She knows God loves her and is assured of that, but she is yet to find the man that will truly love her. Who should one really go for? What is it that must not be negotiated?
    Before saying “I do,” what should one do?
    Before walking down the aisle with the loved one, the sweetheart, the fedora, the rose, the lily, what should one really look out for?
    What should a man look for in a lady or what should a lady look for in a man?
    And if you are already married, what is that one thing you should keep praying into your spouse?
    This is our bone of contention this morning and we are going to have to crack it by the Holy Spirit.
    In relationship and marriage decisions, there is something that should not be negotiated. This is what we are looking at this morning.
    There is something that you should watch out for that if you cannot see, you should talk to your lower limbs and pick race.
    You cannot marry everybody or just anybody.
    In the scriptures, God is particular about where the children of Israel should marry from.
    In the contemporary world of 2017 and beyond, what do you look for?
    After being involved in ministry work and pastoring for twenty years, with countless experiences in counseling sessions, I can tell you a few things.
    After being married for seventeen years plus, my eyes have seen a little.
    I have listened to countless brides crying and agonizing over the phone over their regrettable choices in marriage. Click to Tweet
    I have listened to mature men break down like little boys because of frustration experienced from their wives.
    In the world of relationships and marriage, all men are not equal or the same.
    There are men and there are mean men.
    There are honest men who speak with integrity and there are froward men whose mouth speak deceit and lies.
    There are Josephs, Samsons and there are Amnons!
    There are women who bring help and there are those who bring hell. Click to Tweet
    There are wives and there are knives!
    There are those who delight in your God and those who deride your faith.
    There are Deborahs and there are Delilahs! There are Sarahs and there are Jezeblels.
    I say this with all sense of responsibility and humility, if I had marry the wrong person, I will not be in ministry today.
    I know that, because a lot of ministry have become miseries.
    A lot of gifts and callings have been silenced and hibernated to the kitchen forever because of wrong choice! Click to Tweet
    A lot of glorious callings have been guillotined, hung and suspended because of wrong choice. Click to Tweet
    If you find yourself in a seemingly wrong marriage, the immediate decision to take is not to back out but to seek God’s face for mercy.
    Now, Pastor what do I look for in a man or a lady?
    It is very simple.
    Look for a man or woman that is BLESSED! Click to Tweet
    Don’t look for money or comfort alone, look for the blessing first.
    If he or she is not blessed, the money will all disappear. And even if it doesn't disappear, joy will be far away.
    The blessing! That is what to look for.
    Look for a man that will not be threatened of you and will bring out the best in you.
    Look for a woman that will complement you and not distract you in this journey.
    Look for a man who loves God, he will truly love you.
    Let’s take a look at just one example.
    Genesis 25:5 (KJV)  
    And Abraham gave ALL that he had unto Isaac.
    What is the “All” that Abraham gave to Isaac?
    It is called the blessing!
    The blessing makes all that a man does to prosper just like a curse can make all that a man does to come to null and void.
    But if Abraham gave all to Isaac, what then did he give to all other sons?
    Genesis 25:6 (KJV)  
    But unto the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave GIFTS and sent them away from Isaac his son, while he yet lived, eastward, unto the east country.
    He gave all other sons all kind of gifts which in today’s world would include cars, houses, lands and so on.
    But to Isaac, he gave ALL, and ALL is the Blessing!
    Look for a blessed man, not a man who has a car but is not blessed.
    The blessed man will eventually get all the cars and houses and the jets!
    Most importantly, a blessed man or woman can cast out demons. He or she can take charge of the spiritual milieu of the house. That is what you should go for.
    Not a man or woman that will drag you to a herbalist’s house in your hour of need.
    You need a blessed man or woman that can speak in tongues!
    Not just hot legs, but hot legs plus hot heart for God. That is what you need. Click to Tweet
    What is the purpose of marrying a beautiful lady with an empty head? Click to Tweet
    Proverbs 11:22 (MSG)  
    Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful face on an empty head.
    Hey, ladies, KHC daughters, listen to me, you need a man that can intreat the Lord for you! Click to Tweet
    Further down in the chapter quoted above, that was what Isaac did for his wife!
    Genesis 25:21 (KJV)  
    And Isaac intreated the LORD for his wife, because she was barren: and the LORD was intreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived.

    Message Translation says Isaac prayed hard. You need a man/woman that can pray hard when you are down!
    Two weeks before I got married, my wife collapsed and was hospitalized. It was an attack. My in laws did not know what to do. She was on drip for three days and had not opened her eyes.
    When they told me over the phone (those old NITEL boxes), I traveled to Abeokuta where she was, and discharged her. I put a stop to the attacks and asked that the life of God flow int her. She opened her eyes, sat up and asked for food. Even the doctor was amazed at the power of God.
    That did not happen because I was a Pastor, it happened because I could intreat the Lord. That is part of the blessing!
    I will have to stop here this morning even though the words are still flowing!
    May heaven assist you to find that blessed special man or woman! Click to Tweet
    Put your hands on your head, go ahead and speak in tongues a little.
    I call your relationship blessed. I call your courtship blessed. I call your marriage blessed. I call your family blessed. I call your home blessed. I call your children blessed.  Click to Tweet
    Now, I pray for you, by the unction on me this morning as I write, everything that looks like a curse, everything that is a departure from God’s promises over you and yours, is removed in Jesus name! Click to Tweet
    I have been commanded to bless, so with God’s authority over my life and ministry, this morning, I call you blessed!
    Go out today declaring that you are blessed and see what the Lord will do today and in the next seven days!
    KHC members, I call you blessed!
    KHC Partners, I call you blessed!
    So shall it be for you in Jesus name
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    I am blessed


    Lord, lead me to the blessing/ make my home blessed


    Genesis 25:21 (MSG)  
    Isaac prayed hard to GOD for his wife because she was barren. GOD answered his prayer and Rebekah became pregnant.
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    Genesis 25-26



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