Arise, O Ye Singles and Married on KHC!

  • Bro. Zerubbabel was so much in love with Sister Sube but could not do anything. The love of Sister Sube was like a molten magma in his heart, but there was never a volcanic eruption of a proposal. He never asked Sister Sube out. He was so much in love but she was not aware.

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    Sister Sube who had also known through a dream that her husband-to-be is Bro Zeru waited endlessly, but alas, Bro. Zeru would not take that step!

    The love built up, the love was there, but there was never an expression of it, because Bro. Zeru was scared of rejection. 

Nobody proposes in silence unless there is deafness and muteness. Something has to be said. It has to be verbalized. The manifesto must be presented. And then, there must be a response or an answer. It is this mutual agreement that leads to a union.

    Sadly, the combination of Zeru-Sube never came to be, because no STEP was taken!

    On KHC & SGC, God has told us that 2017 is our year of giant steps, but nobody will take that step for you.

    Even a newly born baby is expected to make some sound. If the baby doesn’t, his ten-second-old bum would be smacked!

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    To pass an examination, you have to take a step to read and study. To fail, just do nothing. Go to class and be greeting everybody. Failure will be guaranteed.

    To remain in the same place this year, just do nothing.

    To lose that lady and watch her marry another man, just say nothing.

    But to achieve your dreams this year, you have to take that step.

    Some of you have been in courtship for so number of years? How many years will you spend before you get married?

    Take that step.

    Start that business.

    Open that store!

    Open that Restaurant!

    Take that bold step!

    Fix the date of that wedding now.

    That is all you need to trigger everything good in you. You will be amazed at how much faith you have that you didn’t know. You just fix the date and print the cards. Your faith will come alive.

    Your own part is to arise and take that step.

    God’s part is to make your step a giant step.

    You take one step and it looks like ten steps of another! That is it!

    If there is anything God has asked you to do, do it this year. It is our year of giant steps and what that means is that unbelievable happenstances awaits your every step!

    In 1999 September, I looked at my fiancee and told her God told me to get married before the millennium, and so it had to be that year!

    She looked at me and told me it was impossible, because we have not informed both parents.

    I told her that I have informed God, she should just go and tell her parents.

    She said she would not go and that she couldn't face them, that even her senior sister was not married.

    I told her that it is her I want to marry, not her senior sister!

    She was still reluctant.

    So, I looked at her and said, “Look at me very well, I will get married before the end of this year, but you will determine whether it is with you or another person!

    She insisted her dad would never listen to such thing, while she was serving as a youth corper?

    I told her, “go and tell him, let him say ‘no” first.

    Take the step first!

    So she went, and with trembling heart, she told her dad. Her dad said nothing. Not a single word. But as they prayed before going to bed that night, her dad said, “we thank God for our daughter and her husband who will be getting married soon!”


    My wife was “flabber-whelmed” and “over-gasted!”

    We got married in November!

    Listen to me, I speak to you as by the Spirit of God, take that step!

    God will turn your little frail steps into that of a mighty warrior.

    Four lepers took steps, and God caused the sounds of their feet to be like that of many chariots, horses, and of a great host!

    2 Kings 7:5-6 (KJV)

    And they ROSE UP IN THE TWILIGHT, to go unto the camp of the Syrians: and when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold, there was no man there. [6] For the Lord had made the host of the Syrians TO HEAR A NOISE of chariots, and a noise of horses, even the noise of a great host: and they said one to another, Lo, the king of Israel hath hired against us the kings of the Hittites, and the kings of the Egyptians, to come upon us.

    They rose up in the twilight!

    God is getting ready, Oh my God, I feel like preaching now! God is getting ready, (in the voice of Bishop T.D. Jakes) to turn on the amplifier of heaven as you take those steps, it will be like the steps of chariots, horses and a great host!

    Giant steps!

    We are in the twilight of 2017, God asked me to tell you this morning, Arise!

    My wife was scared, but she took the step all the same!

    You may be scared, but take the step all the same!

    Her dad’s response dazed her!

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    Arise! It’s our year of giant steps!

    Isaiah 60:1 (KJV)

    Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

    Your light is here!

    Isaiah 60:1 (AMP)

    ARISE [ from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life ]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! [ Zec 8:23 ]

    I prophesy unto you,

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    Rise from the prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life

    Finally, The Message Translation says:

    Isaiah 60:1 (MSG)

    "Get out of bed, Jerusalem! Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight. GOD's bright glory has risen for you.

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    I await your massive testimonies this year! So shall it be in Jesus name!

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    I will arise!


    Lord, give me strength to arise.


    Isaiah 60:1 (CEV) 
    Jerusalem, stand up! Shine! Your new day is dawning. The glory of the LORD shines brightly on you.


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    Genesis 43-45

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  • Chuks Nimem
    Chuks Nimem The strength to take those giant steps is come on me. I take those giant steps and they yield greatly for me. I will share my testimonies  very very soon.
    Hallelujah, Glory to God. God bless you Pastor D.
    January 27, 2017 - Report
  • Dupe Fijabi
    Dupe Fijabi Amen!!!!!!!!
    January 27, 2017 - Report
  • Adigun Deborah
    Adigun Deborah Halleuyah I get charge of the business this morning, have look at myself can I achieve it because I never have pin in my acct. But am talking Giant Steps this weekend. In Jesus name.
    January 27, 2017 - Report
  • Olawale John Courtesy OLAGUNJU
    Olawale John Courtesy OLAGUNJU I will arise! & my steps shall be amplified!! Amen!!!  
    February 1, 2017 - Report

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