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    Posted by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo Jan 21

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The Parable of The Cat, The Rat and Jeru Trip

  • I was intending to write about something else until I saw this post on Facebook posted by my dear friend, Pastor Segun Coker. So, I am going to post what he wrote verbatim below, and then add a few things.

    Pastor Segun Coker writes:
    Courtship and Jeru trip in this age is like a hungry cat guarding a sumptuous rat to its destination without striking it.
    The only way this is possible is if:
    1. The cat truly and sincerely has the interest of the rat as priority.
    2. Despite his good intention, there is a stronger hand holding its jaws and claws to Ransome.... In other words, the cat has something by far bigger to lose if he strikes the rat... if not? Na sorry after the meal!!
    You can never run pure courtship with a guy who really wants to strike... Neither can he abstain except He really has a treasured long lasting pact with God that he wouldn't want such impurity to spoil... Click to Tweet
    No man can abstain because he doesn't want to defile you... the reason just has to be more than you, either in fornication before marriage or even adultery after marriage.... Selah!!
    Maybe our sisters should stop screaming NO JERU TRIP but rather ask the guy: HOPE YOU DON'T MIND you???
    That's a likely faster way of knowing the truth before the pretense becomes a trap. BUT be ready for the rudest shock of your lives when some of these Y2K brethren respond to your question with scriptural backing!
    By Segun Coker
    This article is short and precise, already passes the message, so I will just add a few things.
    Yes, we are in a generation where the cats are armed with scriptures on why the rats should be devoured.
    We are also in an age where the rats submit themselves willfully, get inside the pot to be cooked, garnished and served as a meal on the altar of compromise.
    It is one thing when you have to cross seven rivers full of crocodiles, jump over dangerous fences and walls, pass through fire, before you get to your temptation and that which easily besets you.
    It is another thing when you are the one tempting your temptation!
    How do you survive?
    Like my friend and brother from another mother noted above, the cat has to have the interest of the rat in his heart not to devour it, especially when all his body is screaming for it.
    This is what separates the men from the boys!
    In a dating or courtship situation, the guy is supposed to be a protector, not a predator!
    The cat that insists on compromise before marriage will also cheat on you after marriage. The cunning nature of the cat is not always healed because of marriage!
    The guy you cheat with will eventually cheat against you.
    After the initial rat has been devoured, he would go after other rat flavours, because there is something in the heart of the cat that says it is okay to cheat.
    Ladies, beware of the guy that is quoting scriptures to justify fornication! That person can as well murder you and cover it with scriptures because in essence compromise is a murdering of destinies!
    Oh, I will just strike once! the cat says!
    Well, cats don't strike once, they strike again and again until there is nothing to strike again and then they look for another rat! Click to Tweet
    I once had to guard my fiancée over twenty years ago from the land of courtship to the land of marriage. The journey took three years!
    Ha! Three years of wanting to strike...
    I was born again, spirit filled, pastor in training, and yet, I felt like striking! Abi, I should be telling lie ni?
    It is the truth that sets free! I felt like striking.
    She looked so sumptuous that my temperature, temper and temperament will all rise at the same time! Click to Tweet
    Did I feel like striking? Yes!
    Did I strike? No!
    Like my friend noted, there was stronger hand holding my jaws!
    That was all.
    I weighed the rat meal and weighed my destiny!
    I will not disenfranchise myself from favour and mercy because of a meal.
    I will not cut myself off from Jehovah because I want to jump up and down for ten minutes and sweat! Click to Tweet
    No! I won't be like Esau, who sold his destiny because of Chicken and chips!
    I will not be profane!
    Hebrews 12:16 (KJV)  
    Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.
    There is a higher calling. Something is in contention.
    Every time your adrenaline calls, and you respond outside of marriage, something dies. Something much more precious dies.
    I will like to conclude because I know a lot of guys are striking, and a lot of ladies are being struck.
    God wants you to make up your mind and do it His way, not your way.
    When you do that, He will heal all the places you have been struck, He will make you new and bring you to a place of restoration.
    But your mind must be made up first.
    The cunning nature of the cat must go, and the seduction of the rat must end.
    The cat must stop snooping around and the rat must stop wagging its tail at the cat.
    The misguided hunger of the cat must be re-channelled, and the foolishness of the rat must be divorced.
    The lust-filled cat must seek to learn what love really is, and the bastardized self esteem of the rat must be re-touched by God who can touch where no man can reach.
    In other to fulfill God's plan for your life, the cat and mouse games must stop. Why would a rat that love itself visit the cat in his territory at ungodly hours?
    Get back into God and get back into serving God. Before you find a lover of your body, find the lover of your soul.
    Pour your life into service and let God pour His wisdom into you!
    I pray for you this morning, may God heal you of every wound, may your dignity be restored in Jesus name.
    I pray for all the guys, may you be divorced from profanity and deception.
    I pray for all ladies, may you be severed from foolishness and greed.
    I pray for all, may you be strengthened, may God guide into a great marriage and may you fulfill destiny in Jesus name!
    We love you!

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    I am wise in God

    Lord, take away from me every deceit and foolishness

    Hebrews 12:16 (MSG)  
    Watch out for the Esau syndrome: trading away God's lifelong gift in order to satisfy a short-term appetite.

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