Once Upon A Time, I Said "Will You Marry Me?

  • I have too many requests to replicate this story, so I will just do that.
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    Over 30,000 people have read this story in the past and yet more people are demanding for it. So, here we go!
    It is just a simple story, my story, our story, and there are principles to glean from it that will bless you!
    The very first time I set my eyes on my wife, I knew we would have something to do together, but I was not sure whether it was God speaking to me or it was me just tripping myself after seeing a beautiful damsel!
    You know sometimes, when you see a beautiful damsel, you can lose your temperament, temper and temperature, all at the same time!
    That was in the year 1993 in Popoola Hospital of Ogun State University, now Olabisi Onabanjo University. She had just come in as a new student.
    Our hall had a male section and a female section, well separated to avoid any issues. It was a very large compound.
    My roommate, Seyi and another course mate of mine, Tayo went round the hall to welcome the new students. I can’t remember who sent us on errand! Sometimes when you see beautiful girls, you start embarking on journeys that nobody sent you! It is well.
    No wonder, Bishop William Duncan said, ‘You must not allow your erection to determine your direction!” Click To Tweet
    But candidly, I think the hall president asked us to move round and welcome the new students, just that we started from the female hall!
    So, we were at my wife’s room briefly, and she held a Don Moen Cassette lyrics while she sang along with small tape recorder.
    Seyi who knew the song joined immediately and used that to create some rapport, while Tayo and myself were at a loss since we didn’t know who Don Moen was, not to talk of knowing the song! You see, I was a pure bred Anglican Church boy, and the height of songs was Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.
    We chatted a little, and then we left to check others, but I knew there was something about the girl! On our way back, Seyi told me she liked her and that he would make her his girlfriend. I felt like hitting him.
    “That girl is born again, you are not, I said to Seyi, trying to discourage him. Well, Seyi never befriended her as he got hooked to another girl.”
    Well, I never proposed until 1996, for two reasons. Firstly, I was a very shy young man, so I was always scared about how to go about it.
    Secondly, I just knew it wasn’t time! This is something you should take note of.
    Sometimes, God will tell you by His Spirit of things to come. They are for information, and not for action! Click To Tweet
    They are for you to pray along, and not to step out! Why would He tell you ahead? Because He is your friend! Friends talk, right?
    It is for this reason a lot of people get confused, they were sure God spoke. Yes, God spoke, but did He ask you to go ahead?
    I will say God practically orchestrated events for me while I was in Olabisi Onabanjo University. Despite having a knowing some years back, I never made a move until I was SURE!
    I was given to dreams, so I had several dreams about us, about her and about her family. I knew so much about her I could describe her compound and house to her because I saw all of that. Now, it is important to know that God will not lead everybody through dreams. The terrain of dreams can be very dangerous as dreams can come from God, the devil and you!
    When you are filled with God’s word in your heart, you can be sure that the devil will find it difficult to manipulate your dreams. The primary way God will lead you is through inner witness! Don’t look for dreams! If you have one, fine!
    But I was just a dreamer. Imagine having so many dreams that I lost count over a period of nine months? About one lady? What was it about her?
    Finally, on the morning of the third week in February, I had woken up with another dream where I saw myself proposing to her, so I knew it was time.
    I went to propose early in the morning just after morning devotional prayers. We held a joint Daily Devotional in the hall’s pavilion every morning, about twenty of us in all.
    I was casually dressed, and had not even taken my bath! It was in the morning, like 6.30am! Please, don’t try my style! I reiterate that with all sense of responsibility, DON’T TRY MY STYLE!
    Sophia was so taken aback at my effrontery to approach her just like that in the morning that she simply told me she was engaged! Now this was about the last week of February. I left for my room and of course, I knew that would have to be a joke. I never pressurized her. I simply congratulated her on her engagement and left.
    Well, according to her, she knew I was the one she would marry as God has spoken to her too. She had a dream days back where she knelt before me and I poured a bottle of anointing oil on her!
    You see how God perfected the whole thing?
    But she was not going to say YES just like that, the way I was dressed that morning and then, not until one question was answered.
    The question was my spirituality.
    She wasn’t sure whether I was spiritual enough, I was in the Technical Unit and I helped with designs of posters and all that. Far, from being a Pastor! I wasn’t a Pastor then; I was just a brother in Ogun Varsity Christian Fellowship (OVCF), a Christian fellowship on campus.
    Moreover, I wasn’t even an executive member. On the other hand, she was actively involved with The Realm of the Word Fellowship.
    Now this is my point about God orchestrating events. I never answered that question of spirituality. God did!
    How? It happened that by the second week of March, the Zonal Pastor then, (Pastor Kay) couldn’t make it to the fellowship because he had a test, so he delegated the assistant pastor (Sister Ipfy) to handle the fellowship. That morning, I felt led to pray in tongues for four hours without actually knowing why.
    Now, listen to me, anytime you are prompted to pray, please obey and do so until you have a release. God wants to take care of some specific things. I am persuaded that the four-hour praying in the Holy Ghost was a major price I paid here.
    By evening, fellowship time, about 55 people had gathered and the assistant Pastor, sister Ipfy, wasn’t very composed to lead the fellowship. She beckoned on me to please help her out. I was not prepared either, but you see I had prayed without knowing why I prayed.
    I just obeyed the promptings of the Holy Spirit to pray. That burden came on me and I prayed in tongues for four hours alone. I had no choice but to step out.
    So I got upstage and I got a strange instruction to lay hands. Now I was a brother in the fellowship, so I hesitated. I told the assistant Pastor about it so that she would do that but she insisted I go ahead.
    Prior to that I have never laid hands on myself not to talk of laying hands on others. I didn’t even understand the principle, but I could hear the Spirit of God clearly.
    Those four hours I spent in God's presence gave me a crazy boldness.
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    So I obeyed and I laid hands as we worshipped. To my utmost surprise, there was a demonstration of the Spirit, and about 50 people out of about 55 were slain in the spirit, of course including Sophia that wanted to know if I was spiritual enough.
    Now I’m not talking of people falling under the anointing, I mean they were slain! Some were there for as long as twenty minutes. What a strong visitation of God’s Spirit! Well, I used to joke that while she was slain in the Spirit, God was telling her, “You better don’t miss that boy!”
    I had to wait for everybody to get up before leaving for my room, and I was extremely hungry. I had no food in the room that day, so on my way back, I prayed that God should supernaturally provide food for me, after all, that anointing was still all over me. If you know anything about moving in the Spirit, you get so hungry afterwards!
    While at my room, I sat down, reflecting on what happened that day, and feeling a little special before God and just giving all the glory back to Him.
    Then, I heard a knock on my door, and when I opened the door, it was Sophia with a plate of hot rice in her hands. It was late, so I said 'thank you' and asked that she come for the plate next day. I had barely closed the door when I descended on the rice and attacked it with righteous indignation.
    Next day, she came around and we chatted away at what God did the previous day. I deliberately avoided going back to the proposal issue even though I could tell she was convinced.
    When I was not forthcoming, she finally said, “You were saying something the other time?”
    The rest was history. On March 13th, 1996 we were beautifully engaged. We got married in November, 1999, and it has been God all the way. We have three boys, and I am thankful.
    Major lesson here, if you can be busy for God in serving Him, He will get busy for you. Don’t be in a haste to get into a relationship. Just serve God with all your heart and God Himself will interrupt you.
    I never prayed for once for who to marry! It was an interruption. But one thing I know was that I was crazily serving God. I would arrive at fellowship venue hours before, sweep the floor, arrange the benches, make paintings and set up recording system. And God compensated me!
    I dare you to serve God with your time, energy and finances and see what will happen!
    He will come at a time you are not expecting. And know this also, very important, God is interested in your relationship and marriage! He is committed until it is completed!
    I pray for you, that beautiful interruption you need from God, may it become a reality in Jesus name! Click To Tweet

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