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    Posted by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo January 22, 2015


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The Three Classes of Women 

  • Yesterday, we had Kunle’s story here. There were several comments from you all pointing to the same thing.
    The conclusion from all the comments comes with a warning!
    “Shine Your Eye!
    That simply means that you should not ignore all the warning signs.
    Don’t allow wedding plans to kill your sense of reasoning. Click To Tweet
    You said you are born again, he drinks, smokes and openly womanizes and yet you continue distributing wedding invitation, because you feel it is too late to stop wedding plans?
    It would be good to stop it!
    You don’t want to embarrass yourself and you are scared what people will say?
    You forget that a greater embarrassment awaits a person in a wrong marriage and that more people would even say more than you are scared to hear?
    Do not ignore all the warning signs!
    She has slapped you twice, and you are not even married yet, but because she is from a rich home, you still went ahead? Click To Tweet
    Troubles awaits such marital arrangements!

    This is why courtship is very important.
    All these ideas of meeting yourselves and getting married three months after, I don't understand o!

    Courtship gives you the opportunity of knowing who you are dealing with.
    Another mistake often made is that we let the relationship go sexual before marriage.
    The moment that happens, confusion enters the soul because God’s instructions have been violated.
    This confusion makes one go blindly into marriage and ignore the warning of everybody around.
    Sexual sins will blind you and make you oblivious to that which is obvious to others. Click To Tweet
    Never ever open your laps to any man you are not married to!

    You think you are securing the relationship, but he is thinking you are loose! Click To Tweet
    You are thinking he is yours finally by opening your legs, but he is thinking you must be opening your legs to some other men!

    So, you are thinking of wedding, but he is strategizing on how to abandon you!

    As singles, let your “NO” be resolute! No to jeru trip!
    In marriage, let your “YES” be constant! 

    But we have found ourselves in a generation where singles are saying “YES” to men they are not married to and wives are saying “NO” to their husbands!
    What a twist! It should be the other way round!

    Back to our topic, let’s take a look at three types of ladies out there.
    The Bible talks about a good woman, a prudent woman, a virtuous woman and a strange woman!
    But I want to do a general classification into three.
    In general, there are three classes of wives:
    1. The violent wife who will assault her husband physically

    This is Miss Violent.
    In courtship, she would have shown you some samples. This is the time to decide whether this is what you want or not.
    Somehow, such ladies find their way into the hands of men who are patient and who will not beat their wives. 

This is why we often say you should not rush into marriage.
    Be led of God because God will not lead you into evil. 

    Do not be led by hot legs alone. Those legs alone don’t have a clue of its own destination not to talk of leading you!
    Do not be led by phonetics!
    Violence plus phonetics is nemesis.
    Beware when she breaks stuffs and storms out of your presence. 
    Beware when you have started prostrating for her before marriage. Click To Tweet
    Beware when she has started tearing your shirts and pouring your food away.
    Beware when she leaves you embarrassed in a restaurant!
    But if you are the man that provoked her with lying, cheating, sleeping around and messing with her, then we need to talk to you first.
    Both of you need serious help, urgent counsel, and rapid intervention or else the next relationship will be endangered as well.
    This is why we have encouraged you to enrol on KHC Academy and be taken through several lessons and discussions as singles, in marriage counseling and even after marriage! Check for more details HERE. 

    I will need to stop here this morning.
    Tomorrow, I will continue with the other classes of women which are
    2. The calm, cool but unkind and uncompassionate wife who will not fight but will never cooperate with her husband.
    3. The helper which is the definition of what God intended in marriage.

    I pray for you, as singles or married, that God will give you wisdom, lead you and help you to make the right decisions in Jesus name!

    I pray for all going through one storm or the other in relationships or marriage, let the peace of God reign supreme now in Jesus name.

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    Lord, give me your wisdom


    Lord, surround me with your wisdom and mercy

    Job 28:20 (KJV)  Whence then cometh wisdom? and where is the place of understanding?
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