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How To Move From 'I did it again' to 'I overcame again'

  • By Pastor Sophia

    Everyone has weaknesses or challenges they are working towards overcoming.
    The Christian race is actually a battle or warfare between gaining grounds for God or our flesh.
    We conquer and overcome when we, by God's spirit destroy the works of the flesh in our lives. When our old selves of sin give way to our new nature in Christ.
    Our daily testimony should be that of one level of victory to another. In Christ we are more than conquerors. We have the victory by the blood of Jesus. We subdue the flesh. We put our flesh and every works of darkness under.
    Whatever might have been our past history of sin, now should be a thing of the past.
    We are to look at our weakness and say, 'this used to be me before' , but now , I am a changed person.
    Whatever our fleshly weakness might be, lying, stealing, fornication, unforgiving spirit, malice, anger, being indiscipline, worrying, unbelieving, abusive, cheating, negative thoughts, low self esteem, quarrelsome, laziness, depression, possessive, greedy, selfish, revengeful, sluggish and so on, God desires to give us victory.
    God wants each of us to experience the life transforming power of God. There is enough power in Christ Jesus, His word and the Holy Spirit that dwells in us.
    There are some blessings we cannot enjoy in our lives and relationships if we don't overcome and put under our fleshly desires.
    We do not allow our flesh rule over us and dictate to us. We rule over it by the Holy Spirit. We are no longer the old timid, fearful, intimidated, selfish fellow.
    The same goes for our relationship and marriage. Our relationship and marriage should get better. We should record victories of weaknesses we have overcome.
    God wants to move us from a place of constant defeat, where in regret, we say, ' I did it again' to a place, where in victory we say, ' I overcame again'.
    The authority to overcome is in Christ and we can experience it as we put the words of victory in our mouth.
    We must learn to verbalize our victory. That's how we release our victory. We must make a quality decision never to wallow again in sin or our former weakness.
    Our weaknesses are meant to pull us down and steal from us the blessings God has in store for us, if we allow it.
    Make up your mind today to walk in continuous victory. Become a better, victorious person.
    Let your life be that of triumph and not defeat. Enjoy the joy of victory.
    May your mouth be continually filled with songs of victory.
    Have a beautiful week ahead.

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    I am an overcomer  


    Lord, give me daily and constant victory

    1 John 4:4 (KJV)  
    Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

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    1 Samuel 1: 1 - 3

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