The Kind of Husband Every Woman Wants

  • 1. The Faithful Husband
    Proverbs 20:6 (KJV)  

    Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?

Most men will tell you all kinds of stuffs while toasting you, but where is really that faithful man?
    A faithful man will abound with blessings. If you have a faithful husband, treasure him.
    If you have a man that will not cheat on you, you are blessed!

    We are in a generation where ladies would open their legs without asking for it.
    If you are unfaithful, if you are careless, if you have no self control, you will fry yourself alive!
    I dare the men of the KHC, to make up their minds to be faithful!
    See me, I have made up my mind o… there is no going back by the grace of God!
    Making up your mind doesn't mean you are boasting, it means you are consecrating yourself unto God and by His Spirit to stay true to His word.
    I am an Ijebu man. We are very shrewd.
    Which one weighs more? Your destiny or seven minutes of sweating and jacking up and down? Just asking ni o! Click To Tweet
    Enjoying yourself in the pleasure of adultery or fornication versus losing God’s favour and even losing heaven when you are unrepentant! Which one?
    2. The Responsible Husband

The responsible husband will ensure his family is taken care of.
    He would not spend money drinking around town while his kids are sent home for not paying school fees.
    He would do all possible in God to ensure the best is provided for His family.
    He is not lazy.
    Every woman should pray for a responsible husband.
    My heart bleeds to hear of many women who are breadwinners of their families, struggling to make ends meet because they are married to a man who is full of promises and talks but will never do anything.
    Marrying a lazy man is an affliction in itself. Click To Tweet
    Before you walk down the aisle, watch it.
    3. The Spiritual Husband
    The spiritual husband will put the things of God first place.
    He takes charge of the family in the place of spiritual oversight and knows how to hear from God.
    A man that doesn't know how to hear God can make the whole family suffer because of wrong decisions. Click To Tweet
    Every day, a man is making decisions, but the consequences of his decisions go beyond him, they affect the whole family.

    However, ladies don’t just want a spiritual husband. They also want a romantic husband.
    4. The Romantic Husband
    If he is spiritual, but unromantic, he will be a bore! Click To Tweet
    Ladies would be like "Is it only Bible reading and speaking in tongues all the time? Going to the movies once in a while nko?
    Ladies want a man that knows his onions when it comes to being romantic.
    Every wife wants a man that can read the Bible, but can also read their moods. Click To Tweet
    They want a man who can interpret tongues and can also interpret non-verbal cues. 

    They want a man who is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and is also sensitive to their needs! Click To Tweet
    Abi ladies, is that not what you want?
    5. The Humorous Husband 

    Every lady loves her husband who can make her laugh!
    What is the point of frowning all over the house throughout the day?
    Pastor, is it during this recession when there is no money that we would be laughing?
    Well, read your Bible very well.
    Job 5:22 (KJV)  
At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh…
    Laugh about it and stop looking like Lucozade!
    Make your wife laugh!
    Those times when your wife is not really happy for whatever reasons, sometimes they themselves don’t even know why, you should know what chords to strike that will tickle her.
    If all you do is make that lady frown and sad, your relationship or marriage is at risk the day one colleague starts making your wife laugh!
    You must know her password.
    You must learn her love language and learn how to deploy the words strategically to get her out of any pit of depression!
    Laughter is like medicine!
    So, husbands, loosen up.
    Guys in courtship, all this frowning all over the place because you are trusting God for money to get a house and settle down is not the way out.
    Red eyes will not light a cigarette, so there is no point!
    Rather, get into God’s word, eat them and let it become a joy and rejoicing of your heart!

    As you stay joyful, God will give you ideas that will bring more income, will favour you and cause in-flow of funds that will position you to experience God’s supernatural supply system!
    I pray that God will give you more understanding!

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    Lord, teach me your ways   

    Job 5:22 (MSG)  
    You'll shrug off disaster and famine, and stroll fearlessly among wild animals.

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